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Bibliography Research Department


For a long time, the National Library of Belarus has worked in the field of bibliography. The fact that in 1922, from the very beginning of the existence of the Library, the Republican Book Chamber and the Belarusian Bibliographic Bureau had been included into the structure of the Library and in 1932 the Library had been restructured into State Library and the Bibliographic Institute of the BSSR, witnesses that the bibliography has always been one of the priority activities of the Library. At the same time, bibliographic activities of the Library in the field of development of national, scientific and recommendatory bibliography were performed by different divisions. Thus in 1930 a special group of experts from the Belarusian Literature Department worked in the field of retrospective national bibliography. In 1961, the Library established the Bibliolography Research Department. In 1968 the division was divided into Referral-bibliographic and Information departments. Since 1978 the Bibliolography Research Department had been known as the Recommendatory bibliography division, and its activity was entirely concentrated on creation of recommendatory bibliography. In 1988 on the basis of Recommendatory bibliography division and the summary catalog section of the Belarusian literature and bibliography division the Research-bibliographic division with the scientifically-auxiliary and recommendatory bibliography sections was established. Since January, 2006, it had been known as the Subject-focused information production division and was included into the Information centre of the Library. In January, 2009, the department was reorganized into the Bibliolography Research Department.


The division’s major task is formation of bibliographic resources in the field of the retrospective national and special bibliography, factographic and combined databases on the study of Belarus; research and scientifically-methodical activity in the field of bibliography; coordination of activity of structural divisions of the National Library of Belarus, other Belarusian libraries and information establishments for creation of information production including bibliographic.

The major functions of the department: 

  • Bibliographic resources development:
    • national retrospective bibliography;
    • special bibliography (including scientific, recommendatory, local lore etc.)
  • development of factual and combined databases on the study of Belarus;
  • realization of scientific and methodological work in the field of bibliography and book;
  • coordinating of the structural units of the National Library of Belarus and the libraries of Belarus activities in the field of bibliography and information resources formation;
  • preparation of publishing products;
  • realization of scientific and publishing projects that reflect the documentary heritage, history and culture of Belarus;
  • organization of international and republican conferences, seminars, round tables on actual issues of bibliography, library local lore, information resources formation, bibliographic products creation;
  • participation in the competence development of the library staff of the country.
Structure and staff

Head of the department: Elena Malinovskaya
Теl: (+375 17) 293 28 26 (internal number: 78 26)
Room 221

1. Retrospective national bibliography section
Head of the section: Natalia Struts
Теl: (+375 17) 293 28 09 (internal number: 78 09)
Room 215

2. Information product development section
Head of the section: 
Теl: (+375 17) 293 28 27 (internal number: 78 27)
Room 208

3. Project work and local history section:
Head of the section: Lagosh Tatiana
Теl: (+375 17) 293 28 28 (internal number: 78 27)
Room 216

Information resources

Publishing activities (from 2004)

Publications by the employees

Participation in conferences, seminars and round tables