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Electronic publications 2018

1000-годдзе Брэста: праз прызму старадаўніх дакументаў / 1000th anniversary of Brest: through the prism of ancient documents

Editor: I.V. Graydovkina

The CD-ROM presents, in the form of bibliographic, full text and factual information, documents and materials on the history of one of the oldest cities in Belarus.

The publication was prepared in cooperation with Brest Regional Library named after Gorky, Brest State University named after Pushkin, the Department of History of Belarusian State University, and the National Historical Archives of Belarus, as part of the applied research project on virtual reconstruction of documents and materials on the regional history of Belarus.

The publication is designed for researchers, teachers, students and graduate students, local historians, librarians, staff of museums and archives, and lovers of Belarusian history.


Станаўленне беларускай дзяржаўнасці: па старонках беларускіх газет 1917–1922 гг. / Formation of the Belarusian Statehood: through the pages of Belarusian newspapers, 1917–1922

Editor: L.B. Gorbacheva

The electronic publication is about an extremely complex and contradictory, but very important period in the development of Belarusian statehood in the early twentieth century. The tumultuous events of this period are reflected in the pages of many newspapers published on the territory of modern Belarus and Vilnius, St. Petersburg and other regions.

The CD contains electronic copies of Belarusian newspapers, 1917-1922, from the collections of the National Library of Belarus, the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus, and other organizations and institutions.

The publication is designed for a wide range of users interested in the history of Belarus.