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UNESCO Observances

As the United Nations, UNESCO participates in arranging of international days, years and decades, and celebrating of the most important for the UN Member States’ anniversaries. International holidays and anniversaries are the most effective mechanism to attract world attention to the most relevant issues of the present. Most international holidays and commemorative days, in which UNESCO is involved, concern the issues of preservation, study and development of historical, cultural, literary and natural heritage. Proposals for anniversaries, which could be celebrated with the participation of UNESCO, are submitted by states to the UNESCO Executive Board. An anniversary should refer to the life and work of world significant individuals, and an event should be of world or regional significance and reflect ideals and values of humanity, its cultural diversity. In order to distribute activities among various regions and to select proposals, a state can propose two applications for two years.

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Anniversaries with which UNESCO will be associated in 2020–2021

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Proposals by Member States for the celebration of anniversaries in 2024-2025 with which UNESCO could be associated