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Fairy tales...

The tales beloved by both children and adults invite us into the bright world of joy. Every nation carefully carried their tales through millennia. Their plot can be even fantastic, but the details of the narration are always real and accurate. They must correspond to the country, where a fairy tale lives, and culture of its people.

Russian, Belarusian and other tales are shown at the exhibition.

Belarusian folk tales, which are on display, were released by the BSSR State Publishing House, founded in 1921 in Minsk. Pictures for these editions were made by talented artists and book illustrators – Anatoly Volkov, Nikolai Gutiev, Valentin Tikhonovich, etc.

The exposition presents editions of the 20th century Russian fairy tales. By their rich illustrations a special attention attracts Russian folk tales as well as tales created by A. Pushkin, issued by the Expedition of Storing State Papers. The puctures were made by the famous painter and book illustrator Ivan Bilibin, who worked in his own individual style and theme.

A book-box of Urals tales written by P. Bazhov is also of great value. It is due to illustrations of Palekh artists – Gregory Bureev and Alexei Kovalev. The style of the famous Palekh School can be defined by its tracery of writing, diversity of elements in a composition and their scenic beauty, distinctive colors.

The edition of The Tale of Tsar Saltan written by A. Pushkin, translated into French, is interesting for its radiant illustrations and ornaments, made by Russian avant-garde artist Natalya Goncharova.

Visitors can also see miniature editions of tales of the Slavic peoples and others. So, for example, some little volumes of popular Arabian tales One Thousand and One Nights.

Thus, the exhibition absorbs the visitors of the Book Museum in the world of fairy tales, where they can acquaint with a variety of tales and illustrations, which became independent works of art.

The exhibition lasts till 31 December, 2012.

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