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The One book exhibition timed to the International Museum Day

The exhibition is devoted to the most known work of the author who, living in the 19th century, invented a submarine, a spaceship, homing weapons, aqualung, television and a plane, made the whole island move and nearly moved the axis of the equator. It is easy to guess that the matter concerns Jules Verne.

In 2013, it is the 185th anniversary from the birth of the French writer, geographer, classic of adventure literature and one of founders of the genre of science fiction, and the 145th anniversary of his novel “Children of Captain Grant”.

The exhibition presents the first united illustrated edition of the most popular novel “Children Of Captain Grant. A Voyage Round The World” (“Les Enfants du capitaine Grant. Voyage autour du Monde”) of 1868, with 172 amazing engravings by E. Pannimaker based on the drawings by French painter E. Riou.

Also, there are one of the first translations of the book into the Belarusian language by G. Kutylovsky (“Дзеці капітана Гранта”, Mensk, 1938), the best translations of the novel in Russian by I. Petrov (“Дети капитана Гранта”, Moscow-Leningrad, 1936) and А. Beketova (“Дети капитана Гранта”, Moscow-Leningrad, 1949), translation into the Ukrainina language by T. Voronovich (“Діти капітана Гранта”, Kiev, 1967).

The Paris edition of Jules Verne’s “From The Earth To The Moon In 97 Hours” (Verne J. “De la Terre a la Lune: trajet direct en 97 heures”) (1880) with the author’s autograph is also on display.

We invite you to visit the exhibition.

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