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We Congratulate Ms Volha Mazura, veteran of the National Library of Belarus, on her 75th Anniversary

We Congratulate Ms Volha Mazura, veteran of the National Library of Belarus, on her 75th Anniversary
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Ms Volha Mazura was born in Juracishki urban settlement of the Hrodna region in the family of a serviceman. Right after finishing school in 1964, the girl entered the History Department of the Belarusian State University named after Lenin (now the Belarusian State University). After qualifying as a historian, history and social studies teacher, she was sent to Stoubcy boarding school as teacher. A little later, from December 1968, she worked as a junior researcher at the Institute of Philosophy and Law of the BSSR Academy of Sciences (now the Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus).

She joined the State Library of the BSSR named after V.I. Lenin in 1971 when she was hired as a librarian for the Interlibrary Loan Department. It was here that she learned the basics of the library profession and developed an interest in the bibliography, which is sometimes as fascinating as a detective novel. Perhaps it was working in this department that made her an avid fan of the detective genre.

Her interest in bibliographic research and her analytical mind led to her joining the Scientific Information Department for Culture and Art (ONIKI, or Informkultura, as it was called) in 1980, which marked the beginning of a new stage in her librarian career.

Having very quickly achieved a high level of qualifications, Ms Mazura committed herself to Informkultura for more than 35 years. She worked in many areas, in various positions: editor, senior editor, lead bibliographer, chief bibliographer. She performed bibliographic inquiries promptly and with a high degree of professionalism; participated in the preparation of "Systematic Index of unpublished materials to the reference collection of the department of scientific information on culture and art problems of the BSSR State Library named after V.I. Lenin", a monthly index titled "New Literature on Culture and Art of the BSSR." For several years Ms Mazura was in charge of the Reference Desk section and then the Differentiated Management Service section, proving herself to be an efficient and competent coordinator, responsible and fair manager. Ms Volha Mazura managed the work of the section successfully, served users in a qualified and friendly manner, and was engaged in information work for specialists in the cultural sphere, including the staff of the BSSR Ministry of Culture apparatus.

28 November 2001

Since 1992, Volha worked as Chief Branch Bibliographer. Her professional interests included theatre and music art in Belarus: various aspects of theatre activities, repertoire, drama issues, festival activities, theatre and music staff training, aesthetic education, theatre and music group tours, theatre and music awards, international cultural relations, etc.

  Screenshot from the National Library electronic catalogue with only a small part of Ms Mazura's work

Over the years she prepared and published more than 120 information and analytical materials in the information collections "Operative Information on Culture and Art", "Current Issues of Culture and Art" and others. They always received a lively response and were sought after by library readers, theatre and music professionals. More than one generation of art historians have gained a footing in the academic world through, among other things, the publications of Volha Mazura. Many of them were not only guests of the department but also freelance authors of topical material.

Ms Volha Mazura (second from right) with the Informkultura team at the library Observation Deck, 16 June 2006

Having reached a retirement age, Ms Mazura continued to work in the Information-Analytical Department of the Library, successfully worked on the contents of the collection "Actual Problems of Culture and Art, 2001–2006", participated in updating the database "Belarus in Persons and Events."

Ms Mazura is second from the right, 15 December 2006

Today her colleagues recall her with deep respect and warmth as a friendly, balanced and tactful person, optimistically charged and in love with her profession and the Library.

In May 2016, after more than 45 years with the National Library of Belarus, Ms Mazura retired.

Ms Mazura is second from the left

We heartily congratulate Ms Mazura on her anniversary and wish her good health for many years to come, optimism and good spirits, love, attention and care from relatives, lots of pleasant gifts and high spirits!

Bibliology Research Department

We express our deep gratitude to Ms Liudmila Harbachova for her help in preparing the text.


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