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To the 75th anniversary of the veteran of the National Library, talented bibliographer Alla Muravyova

To the 75th anniversary of the veteran of the National Library, talented bibliographer Alla Muravyova
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Alla was born in 1946 in Minsk. Immediately after graduating from the capital's school, the girl worked as a laboratory assistant at the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the BSSR. The next year she entered the Minsk Pedagogical Institute named after I. M. Gorky (now the Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank) at the library faculty, which she graduated with honors in 1969.

In the direction of the Ministry of Culture of the BSSR, the girl was accepted as a bibliographer in the scientific and bibliographic department of the State Library of the BSSR named after V.I. Lenin (now the National Library of Belarus) and from the first years of work proved to be an excellent professional, erudite, serious and thoughtful employee, capable of performing complex editorial work.


Four years later, Alla Vasilievna was transferred to the post of senior librarian. She was engaged in the compilation of recommendatory literature indexes, was the editor of the bulletin "New books of the BSSR".


In 1977 A.V. Muravyova was transferred to the post of senior editor. A year later she became the head of the section of the bulletin "New books of the BSSR" in the department of recommendatory bibliography. Her competent leadership and high professionalism ensured timely and high-quality preparation of the publication.

 In 1979, Alla Vasilievna Muravyova was awarded the title of "Best in Profession".

Many years of fruitful work, a high sense of responsibility for the assigned work allowed Alla Vasilievna in 1987 to head the department of recommendatory bibliography.

Soon, on the basis of this department and the sector of the consolidated catalog of the department of Belarusian literature and bibliography, a scientific and bibliographic department was created, the first head of which was A.V. Muravyova. She worked in this position for 17 years. Alla Vasilievna worked out ways to improve the information and bibliographic activities of the library, searched for new development strategies, considered possible options for optimizing the databases created in the library.

Deputy Director for Research L.G. Kiryukhina in 1997 in the attestation characteristic noted: “... Yana is highly qualified specialist, talented bibliograf. Yoi ulasts are large-scale glance at the problems of biblіigrafaznаstvo, at the joke of uncommon ways of education. Yoi nalezhytsi nazyatyva pa arganizatsii naukova sledavannya, nakіravannya sounded biblіigrafichnaga zabyshennya Belarusaznаstva, krayaznаstva. Pratsuyuchi to the riddles of the addzel, the shmat uvagі nadae kaardynacii biblіygrafіchnaі dzeynаtsі and аnу metadіchnaya dapamogі ablіyatekam from avalodannі newі informatіsіyіm tekhna"

A.V. Muravyova became one of the main developers of the national machine-readable exchange format BELMARC. She was involved in the creation of an electronic catalog of the National Library of Belarus (NBL).


Alla Vasilievna's contribution to the scientific and methodological support of the work on the creation of the National Database of Authority Records is significant. She provided training and advisory assistance to the employees of the department involved in the creation and maintenance of this resource.

In 2004 A.V. Muravyova was transferred to the post of chief bibliographer in the department of library technologies, where she worked until her retirement.


For fruitful highly professional work, significant personal contribution to the development of library and information technologies of the Republic of Belarus A.V. Muravyova was awarded the Francisk Skaryna Medal (1997) and the Certificate of Honor of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus (2012).

Throughout her career, Alla Vasilievna combined her professional activities with an active social position, taking an indifferent part in the life of the department and the library: she was repeatedly elected to the trade union committee of the library, was a trade union leader of the department and a political informant. For several years she was the chairman of the bibliographic committee of the council of the Belarusian Library Association.


On December 30, 2015, Alla Vasilievna retired, devoting 46 years of her professional life to the National Library of Belarus.

We sincerely congratulate Alla Vasilievna on this anniversary date and wish her good health, long and happy years of life, prosperity and optimism!

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