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World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated by the National Library of Belarus
The National library of Belarus took part in the International forum "Shaping the Future of Libraries"

Utilising Chinese electronic information sources in Belarusian libraries

Utilising Chinese electronic information sources in Belarusian libraries
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The National library of Belarus held a seminar–presentation of Chinese electronic information resources on 20 April, dedicated to the International Chinese Language Day.

Information resources for education, science and culture were presented to the audience on the “Wanfang Data” electronic multilingual platform, founded by the Institute of scientific and technical information of China (ISTIC), the Ministry of science and technology of the People's Republic of China.

“Wanfang Data” provides access to databases of journals, dissertations, scientific conference proceedings, legislation, patents, standards, national scientific awards and achievements, the Chinese Science Citation Index, and contains information on science, technology, medicine, business, and culture.

The second part of the seminar was devoted to Chinese publications – books, newspapers, magazines, available on the IVIS platform.

Јu Bangnan, CEO of Wanfang Data Corporation (International) Limited, and Dzmitryj Ushanaw, sales and marketing director of LLC "IVIS", were the invited speakers of the event.

We invite all interested organisations in our nation to work together on matters relating to obtaining licences for databases and becoming familiar with how to use them.

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Test access to resources on the CNKI platform has been opened

2 Oct 2023

Since October 2, the National Library has opened test access to electronic scientific resources on the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) platform, which presents an extensive collection of scientific journals, e-books, statistical yearbooks and other materials in English and Chinese.

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