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When the dreams are coming true

When the dreams are coming true
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On December 16th, 2009, in National Library of Belarus took place an informational program “When the dreams are coming true” which was organized within the framework of the Library project “Reference Point”.

Participants of the event got familiarized with the NLP techniques (neuro linguistic programming), which helps to model different life situations.

For the first time, a guest from Europe participated in the project “Reference Point”. Mr. Jack Makani from Denmark, the eminent NLP trainer with twenty-year experience, the author of numerous books and videos, gave a free training.

According to him, our consciousness is overflowed with an infinite stream of thoughts which distract our attention not letting us concentrate on what we really need. Most wrong thoughts are caused by fear, anxiety and doubts. Instead of focusing our thoughts on our aim, we concentrate on its antipodes – fear and failure. This way we draw misfortune upon our own lives.

Mr. Jack Makani offered to participants a few practices on visualization of wishes, and explained how to formulate clearly aims and wishes, strengthen creative power and change a wrong self-image.

More than one hundred persons participated in the event.


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