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Meeting of the Council of Libraries of Belarus on the Matter of Information Interaction

Seminar of the Homiel Region Libraries (+ video)

Seminar of the Homiel Region Libraries (+ video)
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On March 23, V.I. Lenin Homiel Regional Universal Library held a seminar "Libraries of the Gomel region in modern conditions: results and prospects."

At the event, the heads of the libraries summed up the results of work in 2020, analyzed the performance of the estimated figures, and outlined priorities for 2021.

Ms Marina Pshybytka, Head of the Bibliology Research Department of the National Library of Belarus, presented to the participants a video report “Public Libraries of Belarus at the Turn of Five-Year Plans”. There, she demonstrated the results of the activities of the country's public libraries in 2016–2020 and highlighted the main tasks outlined in the state program “Culture of Belarus for 2021–2025".

Bibliology Research Department

Photo from the website of the Gomel Regional Universal Library named after V.I. Lenin.


The Art of Sorting: How to Organize your Bookshelves and Stay Sane

8 Apr 2021

Take a look at your bookshelf. Closer. What does it remind you of? An uneven row of books of all sizes and colours? Perfectly even row, where everything is arranged exactly in alphabetical order? Chaotically volumes thrown on each other mixed with postcards and magazine inserts? Whatever is in your bookcase, you've probably thought about sorting it at least once. Home libraries always look flawless in photographs and in movies – if only it were like this at home! It's time to dust off the spines and learn about ways to tidy up your bookshelves. And to figure out how the National Library is doing it.

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