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Restoration workshop

Restoration workshop
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The library will host "Restoration Workshop" classes as part of The Book Professors' Club for children on October 28.

Any damaged book from the shelf of the book depository goes to the restoration workshop. The task of the restoration is to eliminate the damage, to ensure the possibility of its use by the reader for a long time, while preserving its informational, historical and artistic value. A restorer seeks to prolong the life of the book in the future, preserving the past in it. Each edition or manuscript has its own destiny, so it is necessary to preserve the history with all the accumulated touches, the image and energy of the book. Book restoration is a delicate process that requires high skill of the restorers, knowledge of technology, material properties, and creativity.

Young professors have a rare and unique opportunity to "penetrate" the real Restoration and Conservation Department of the National Library of Belarus.

Cost of classes: 4.50 rubles.
Date: October 28rd.
Beginning: 18.00.
Location: the Book Museum (room 347).

Phones for registration and inquiries: (+375 44) 579 39 07, (+375 17) 293 27 82.

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