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Ales Susha revealed the Secrets of a Concelarium

Ales Susha revealed the Secrets of a Concelarium
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The classes were held at the exhibition "Secrets of a Concelarium" on October 24. Mr Ales Susha, Cultural Studies PhD, gave an exclusive excursion for children.

Museum classes were organized within the project "The Book Professors’ Club". The participants saw the original artefacts and learned what our ancestors wrote in the XV-XX centuries.

Today we assume stationery as something obvious. Pupils use them in schools, students in universities, and adults in their offices. The classes allowed us to see the unusual in the usual subjects, make a journey into the past and learn interesting stories of different devices. The exposition of the Book Museum includes the first pencils and dip pens, sandboxes, inkwells and even writing instruments of the famous people.

The children had a practical part of the lessons after the meaningful tour by the expert. Modern feather dip pens usually consist of a housing with a refuelling mechanism. The young professors had a unique opportunity to write with the dip pens of the twentieth century, which were written by their grandparents such as dip pens that are not refuelled and during writing periodically dipped in ink to collect a portion of the ink.

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