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Presentation of the album "Napoleon Orda" in Semkovo

Presentation of the album "Napoleon Orda" in Semkovo
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On February 7, the album "Napoleon Orda" was presented in Syomkovo. An event dedicated to the birthday of the artists Napoleon Orda and Joseph Peshka took place at the "Uyut Valley" agro-estate.

The presentation of the album "Napoleon Orda" was made by its compiler and author of the introductory article Alexander Susha, Deputy Director General of the National Library of Belarus, Director for Research and Publishing.

Alexander Susha said that the National Library of Belarus has the largest collection of engravings by Napoleon Orda in our country. The collection of lithographs presents Belarusian landscapes of Grodno, Vilna, Vitebsk, Minsk and Mogilev provinces, as well as images made abroad: in Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Romania. The engravings were created at the lithographic enterprise of Maximilian Fayans in 1873-1883.

For the first time in the album, 190 engravings from the funds of the National Library have been collected and presented. The images of the native land, recorded by Napoleon Orda a century and a half ago, remain one of the most valuable visual sources for national history.

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From radio to podcasts: a brief history of voiced literature

15 May 2021

Let's face it: reading is not the easiest hobby. It takes a lot of time, because not everyone manages to concentrate on a book in a subway car, sometimes immersion in the world of literature must take place in very special conditions, in silence and behind a closed door. Everyday life swallows us up, but we want to read so much! So audiobooks come to the rescue. So where did they come from and where does it all lead? Let's take a look at the history of this unusual literature format – audio.

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14 May 2021

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The Red Book

13 May 2021

An exhibition "The Red Book" will be on show in the Book Museum since May 13. The main exhibit will be an art book by young Belarusian artists Marina Zhvirblia and Fiodar Shurmeleu.

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Ecology: the Right to a Safe Life

17 May 2021

A thematic exhibition “Ecology: the Right to a Safe Life” dedicated to the World Environment Day (June 5) was opened in the Legal Information Reading Room (207b) from May 17 to July 25.

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