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International Congress;The National library as a cultural phenomenon

International Congress;The National library as a cultural phenomenon
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On 5–7 September, the International Congress "The National library as a cultural phenomenon", dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the National Library of Belarus, carried out at the National Library of Belarus.

At the opening of the Congress a welcoming speech was said by Minister of Culture of the Republic of Belarus Pavel Latushko, Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information of UNESCO Janis Karklins, Deputy Minister of Information of the Republic of Belarus Dmitry Shedko, Deputy Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus Vasily Budkevich, Academician-Secretary of Arts and Humanities Department of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Alexander Kovalenya.

The UNESCO Regional Consultations on open access to scientific information and research, as well as the 14th General meeting of the Non-Profit Partnership Library Assembly of Eurasia took place within the framework of the Congress.

In addition, there were held sessions: "Strategy of the development of librarianship in the context of government and branch programs", "Information Infrastructure and Interlibrary Cooperation", "Management of library activities in the information society".

There were also the 8th International Bibliological reading "Historical book collection in time and space", international round table "Preservation of historical book collection of Belarus". A separate round table was devoted to the first director of the National Library of Belarus – "Iosif Bentsianovich Simanowski: the man – an epoch".

An official opening of the Republican multiproject "Library" was organized within the framework of the Congress. The project includes a cultural and educational exhibition "The History of Writing", a book exhibition show "The Book in Art", a book-illustrative exhibition "The Temples of Time, Memory, Thought", an art exhibition "The Word", an exhibition of calligraphy, an exhibition "The Modern Art-Book” and a photo exhibition "The National Library of Belarus in the Vastness of Time".

The participants of the Congress were more than 400 experts in the field of library science and information from 30 countries, the representatives of state bodies in the field of culture, directors and leading experts from libraries, museums, publishing houses, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations. They discussed the role of libraries in the information space, forms of interaction among national libraries, the issues of open access to scientific information.

The International Congress “The National library as a cultural phenomenon" facilitates the exchange of experience between experts, the development of joint solutions to current problems in the field of library science, that will ensure the development of free and equal access to information and knowledge.

The organizers of the International Congress were: the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, the National Library of Belarus, UNESCO, Library Assembly of Eurasia, the National History and Culture Museum-Reserve "Nesvizh".

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