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The 10th International Scientific Conference "Electronic culture" was held

A workshop session "Funny Animals"

A workshop session "Funny Animals"
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The Children's Room hosted Creative classes "Funny Animals" on June 11th.

Children enjoyed an unusual painting technique with the help of sponge stamps. Using these stamps, they painted clear and straight figures of animals: a cat, a puppy, a whale and a chicken. With colored felt-tip pens, the children supplemented their drawings with small details to complete the creative composition.

The game in guessing the riddles about animals and participation in a funny game " The mice sing and dance in a ring" have united children and added a good spirit to them.

Read also other events of the Children Room and follow up the announcements on future classes.

Department for User Registration and Informing provided the material.


25 Interesting Facts About the National Library of Belarus

15 Sep 2022

“The Belarusian diamond, the treasury of knowledge, the keeper of the historical and cultural heritage, the republican information, scientific and socio–cultural center and the business card of Belarus”, as our readers called the library. Hundred thousand people nave visited our institution since it has been established. In the running up of the centenary we have something to surprise you with: here you have a top of interesting facts! Check yourself, how much do you know exactly?

To the 100th anniversary of the National Library of Belarus

The National Library's anniversary is being broadcast on Belarusian television!

16 Sep 2022

A number of events commemorating the centennial will take place in 2022. The exhibition project "Diamonds of the Century: from the library collection," the exhibition "100 rarities: from historical book collections to modern art books," the mobile photo exhibition "National Library of Belarus," the educational campaign "Biblionoch," and many other projects are among the most notable.

To the 100th anniversary of the National Library of Belarus