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The Church of Time, Memory and Thought

The Church of Time, Memory and Thought
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The exhibition “The Church of Time, Memory and Thought” opens up on June 14-30 based on the museum “A School Book in the History of Education”, dedicated to the “Year of Historical Memory” and 100-years-anniversary of the National Library of Belarus.

The exposition informs about the history the libraries appeared and worked up, it illustrates their modern condition. Here are presented not only editorial projects and library’s initiatives on retaining a book heritage of Belarus, but a book-written characters, gathered during the last century, which highlight the milestones of history of the native book culture, educational system and rights, as well as phases of founding and establishing the building whose anniversary is being celebrated.

A film “The National Library of Belarus at the Time of the Great Patriotic War” about the history of the library, suffering during the Great Patriotic War, a thorough gathering of the library’s collection, is demonstrated during the exhibition.

The exhibition runs according to the Schedule of Events dedicated to the 100-years-annniversary from the date the National Library of Belarus has been founded, based on the order No 12 dated 17/01/2022 by the Belarussian Ministry of Culture, and due to enrolling “A Century-Anniversary of the Belarusian National Library” into the memorial dates list by the UNESCO General Conference.


The organizers are the Belarussian National Library and the Academy of Postgraduate Education.

By the Gallery and Exhibition Activity Department.


“Promoting books in the digital transformation century”: the interregional session for public libraries of the Brest region.

11 Aug 2022

The interregional session for directors of the library systems of the Brest region and the heads of Information and service departments of the central regional (urban) libraries “Promoting books in the digital transformation century” takes place in the premises of the Luninets district centralized library system between 9th–10th August.

National Library of Belarus News

To the 85th anniversary from the birth date of a veteran of the National library of Belarus Tamara Egorovna Piseckaya

16 Aug 2022

Tamara Egorovna was born in 1937 in the village Vasylievka, Kruglyansk region, Mogilev district, in the family of farmers. She finished seven-form school in 1951 and had moved in to Chelyabinsk (Russia) three years after. A young Tamara has worked as an iron and steel founding worker there and then as a time-keeper in the turbine workshop of the Chelyabinsk heat and power station.

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