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Access to Taylor & Francis electronic resources

Access to Taylor & Francis electronic resources
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The National Library of Belarus provides test access to the electronic resources of Taylor & Francis Group.

Armed Conflict Database is a project developed under the direction of the International Institute of Strategic Studies with the purpose of providing a user friendly interactive information resource on world armed conflicts. The database contains data on more than 70 armed conflicts including terrorism and refugees issues.  Both official sources comprehending chronological period from the 2000th to present day and interactive information search engines (for example, regularly updated world and regional maps with depicted armed conflict areas and seats of tension), and also report generation service on specific criteria are available.

CRCnetbase is a database comprising more than 6 200 e-books on 38 subject collections such as agriculture, business and economy, chemistry, engineering, environment science, information technologies, life sciences, physics, mathematics, statistics, military science etc.

Europa World and/or the Regional Surveys of the World is an online version of Europa World Year Book and nine tomes of the world series Europa Regional Surveys of the World. The year book has been published since 1926 and is world-known as reference book on policy and economy. The database contains comprehensive information on economy, policy, geography and statistics on more than 250 countries. It includes data on around 1 900 international organizations and external internet links.  

International Who’s Who contains comprehensive information on more than 60 000 most known and influential people the world over: heads of states, ambassadors, politicians, religious figures, prominent businessmen and financiers, scientists and engineers, literati, artists, musicians, fashion figures and sportsmen.  As a rule, articles contain a person’s full name, date of birth and birthplace, titles, nationality, family status, current state, education, career, awards, publications, artistic achievements and contact information.

Routledge Encyclopedia Of Philosophy is an electronic version of the popular encyclopedia on philosophy. It comprises more than 2 000 original articles on ethics, esthetics, religion, psychology, logics, metaphysics, epistemology and social sciences. The composite authors and editorial board are 1 300 prominent scientists and philosophers. The encyclopedia includes articles on Slavic, African, Indian and Tibetan philosophy, and also philosophy of Eastern Asia and Latin America.

World Of Learning comprises contact information of more than 30 000 institutions and more than 200 000 persons in the field of education. The database presents:

  • universities and colleges;
  • research institutions;
  • learned societies;
  • museums and art galleries;
  • libraries and archives;
  • administrative and representative bodies;
  • more than 500 international education and research organizations.

Electronic encyclopedias:

Test access is provided up to January 12, 2011.


Jason Art-Book (+video)

25 Jan 2022

A grand opening of the exhibition, presentation of the work of modern fine and book art, the art book Jason will take place in the Book Museum on January 25 at 4 p.m.

Book exhibitions

Ancient Cities of Belarus

24 Jan 2022

The thematic exhibition "The Ancient Cities of Belarus", timed to coincide with the Year of Remembrance, is on show from 24 January in the 3rd-floor circular gallery.

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