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The great connoisseur of the mother tongue

The great connoisseur of the mother tongue
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A book exhibition "The great connoisseur of the mother tongue” timed to the 75th birthday of Valentina Lemtyugova, the prominent Belarusian linguist, runs from December 14 to January 15 at reading room 205.

Valentina Lemtyugova isa talented scientists, PhD, professor, chairman of Republican Toponymic Commission at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The linguist is respected and has authority over Slavonic linguistic society. Her major scientific interests are onomasiology, lexicology and lexicography, dialectology, terminology and language culture.

The offered exhibition reveals a fruitful, longstanding work of Valentina Lemtyugova. She is the author of Ukrainian-Belarusian Dictionary (1980), the first such edition in the history of Belarusian and Slavonic lexicography. V. Lemtyugova and her coauthor А. V. Arashonkova compiled Dictionary of Difficult Words of the Belarusian Language (1987, 2005), reference dictionary Government in the Belarusian and the Russian Languages (1991), and Abridged Dictionary of the Belarusian (1994).

She gave attention to development of fundamental works on philology such as Belarusian Grammar (volume 1, 1985), Lexical Atlas of Belarusian Patois, (in 5 volumes; volume 1, 1995), Dictionary of the Language of “Nasha Niva” (1906–1915) (in 5 volumes; volume 1, 2003; volume 2, 2007), authority list Names of Settlements in the Republic of Belarus (in 6 books, 2003–2010) and others. The exposition includes publications in periodicals and collections, and also many other interesting works, including monographs Belarusian Oikonomia (1970), East-Slavic Oikonomia of Apellative Origins (1983), a book of popular scientific essays Talking Toponyms (2008).

The exhibition will be interesting to professors, students and others.

Contact phone numbers: (+375-17) 293-27-16.



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25 Jan 2022

A grand opening of the exhibition, presentation of the work of modern fine and book art, the art book Jason will take place in the Book Museum on January 25 at 4 p.m.

Book exhibitions

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24 Jan 2022

The thematic exhibition "The Ancient Cities of Belarus", timed to coincide with the Year of Remembrance, is on show from 24 January in the 3rd-floor circular gallery.

Book exhibitions