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Academician Evfimi Karsky’s heritage

Academician Evfimi Karsky’s heritage
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On December 9, at the art gallery Labyrinth took place the book exhibition opening ceremony and the presentation of the electronic edition "Academician Evfimi Karsky’s Heritage: the 150th Birthday”.

The exposition includes unique editions from the academician’s private book collection which has been kept in the National Library of Belarus since 1922. This is a precious historical collection of literature on Slavonic studies comprising around 2,5 thousand books. Original documents, photography, bibliographies, notebooks with the author’s correcting and insertions has been presented by the Saint-Petersburg Filial of the Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The electronic edition includes a biographical essay, documents from Belarusian archives, a catalog of books with autographs, electronic copies of separate editions published in Karsky’s lifetime. The academician’s great-grandson prepared a bibliography of scientific papers, biographical literature and descriptions of the academician’s epistolary heritage for the present electronic edition.

In the event participated: Deputy Director of the National Library of Belarus for Research and PR Lyudmila Kiryukhina, head of the Scientific Uses of Documents and Information Division at the Department of Archives and Record Keeping of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus Vladimir Kruk, academic secretary of the Saint-Petersburg Filial of the Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences Lyudmila Bondar, the academician’s great-grandson, historian, archivist and writer Aleksandr Karski, head of the Publications Division of the National Archive of the Republic of Belarus Vitali Skalaban, head of the Stack Keeping S at the Bibliology Division of the National Library of Belarus Ksenia Susha.

The exhibition runs at the Book Museum of the National Library of Belarus up to January 15, 2011.



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