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Talent devoted to people
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A book exhibition "Talent devoted to people” timed to the 120th birthday of Belarusian composer, pedagogue and people’s artist of Belarus Nicolai Aladov (1890–1972) runs from December 7 to December 31 at reading room 305.

The eldest Belarusian composer had started a new epoch in the history of Belarusian music. Nicolai Aladov is one of founders of Belarusian national composer school, creator of first Belarusian symphonies, operas, chamber ensembles and romances. Also, he wrote a number of original scientific papers.

Nicolai Aladov was a founding father of professional musical education in Belarusian Republic, having educated several generations of composers and musicians. He founded the first Belarusian Musical School (1924), Belarusian State Music Conservatory (1932) and the Union of Composers of the BSSR. (1932). The composer paid a particular attention to Belarusian music printing and folklore expeditions to gather Belarusian folk songs.

Nicolai Aladov was a prolific composer and author of numerous musical compositions of multiple genres. In the early 1920th he wrote the first Belarusian romances based on Y. Kupala’s poetry. At the same time he created the first national comedy opera “Tarass on Parnassus” and the first instrumental chamber ensemble – a piano concerto inspired by Belarusian folk songs.

The word “pioneer” suits Aladov’s music as the composer created the first Belarusian oratorio “Over River Aressa” based on Y. Kupala’s poem, the first musical compositions for the Belarusian people’s orchestra, the first adaptations of Belarusian folk songs and the first sonatas.

The exhibition presents printed music and audio records of Nicolai Aladov’s works, and also books and publications about the composer’s life and career.

Contact phone numbers: (+375-17) 293-27-52.



Strong Family – Strong State

15 May 2023

The theme exhibition "Strong Family – Strong State", dedicated to the International family day (15 May), is opening in the Legal information reading room (No 207b) from 15 May to 29 May.

Book exhibitions

Music from the Heart

2 Mar 2023

From March 2 to April 21, the Musical and audiovisual documents reading room (No 305) is hosting the exhibition "Music from the Heart", dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of the notable Russian composer, pianist and conductor Siargej Rachmaninaw (1873 – 1943).

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