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The Keeper of the Sun

The Keeper of the Sun
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The Keeper of the Sun, an illustrative book exhibition timed to the 65th anniversary of Fyodor (Franz) Yastreb, runs in the gallery Atrium Gallery, from 1 February to 2 April.

Fyodor (Franz) Yastreb is an artist, galleryst, art historian, teacher and the founder of the exhibition and gallery department of the National Library of Belarus, which he headed during seven years (2007–2014).

The book exhibition, devoted to Fyodor Yastreb and his work, has three symbolic sections: “The Artist”, “The Poet” and “The Gallerist and Teacher”. About 70 items are on display: books, albums, exhibition catalogs, magazines, materials of science conferences, copies of articles and plenty of illustrations.

Fyodor Yastreb, as an artist and art historian, paid much attention to the problems of fine arts and gallery business, speaking about them in articles in the press. As a researcher and representative of modern art, he issued a unique collection titled Art in Social Space, in which, by the examples of his own creative projects, he shows the state of the world and national art. The book of 320 pages contains 500 color reproductions of paintings by contemporary artists-participants of the author’s projects. The artist expressed his professional thoughts, ideas, views and experiences in the pages of the magazine Mastatstva (The Art), in reports at scientific conferences and interview.

An artist by nature, by way of thinking and lifestyle, Fyodor Yastreb had a distinctive taste, professional look and creative flair. Together with his colleagues, he produced a number of publishing projects based on the collections of the National Library of Belarus: the directory of the 1st the International Festival of Landscape; an album and electronic resource devoted to the 200th anniversary of Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz; sets of cards with the images of the National Library of Belarus.

He was a strong, energetic and zealous man, whose inmost thoughts and beauty of the soul manifest in the paintings, and in his later life in the poetry as well. About one thousand sonnets are collected in the books The Promise of Dreams (Abyatsannye snou), The Rainbow Trace (Vyasyolkavy sled), Life is Like a Torn Rose’s Time (Zhytsyo jak chas sarvanay ruzhy) and others.

Fyodor Yastreb is well-known in academic, teacher and artistic communities. He is the author of over 80 large projects and participant of more than 120 international and republican exhibitions and open-airs.

The artist’s heritage is a universe of original images, filled with versatile colors, modern concepts, sincere emotions and fondness for his family, friends and native land.

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