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Minsk, the Capital of My Country

Minsk, the Capital of My Country
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The city of Minsk was first mentioned in The Tale of Bygone Years, relating to the events of 1067. By decree of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Alexander, on March 14, 1499 Minsk, like other big cities, received the Magdeburg Law, and on January 12, 1591 the city was granted its own coat of arms: the image of Our Lady on a blue background between two angels and cherubs.

The Minsk, the Capital of My Country celebratory exhibition includes 50 thematic publications about the capital’s history and present day.

Scientific and popular publications, photo albums and catalogs, tourist booklets, brochures, text documents and photographs with the views, historic sites and monuments of Minsk are on display. Materials are grouped into the following sections: Historical Minsk, Modern Minsk and Sporty Minsk. The central part of the exhibition is the Minsk. The Main Street section, dedicated to the Independence Avenue. It tells of the distinctive urban art, public and residential buildings, monumental works that have defined the architectural and artistic image of the avenue.

Today, Minsk is the capital of the sovereign Republic of Belarus, a modern European city with a developed infrastructure. It ranks among the 273 world’s largest cities with a population of about 2 million people. The Modern Minsk section will navigate you through the sights of the Belarusian capital in all their diversity. Some books on display have QR-codes. Use your mobile phone or tablet to get more information: the panoramic images of building interiors, the bird's eye views of Minsk etc.

This year, the capital of Belarus hosted the Second European Games. For the first time in its history, Minsk adopted a sports forum of such a magnitude. Our country has won the right to host the Games thanks to not only its sporting successes, but also the high organization of various international and continental competitions.

The exposition will be interesting to historians, culture experts, bibliographers, as well as those who study the history and spiritual heritage of Belarus.

The exhibition is located on the 2nd floor, circular corridor, and runs from August 6 to October 9, 2019.

The opening hours of the exhibition correspond to the library’s opening hours.
Admission is by library card or by ticket of the library's social and cultural center. Information and tickets may be obtained at the registration desk.

For more info: (+375 17) 293 29 80.

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Gentle, Sweet, Kind

12 Oct 2019

A book exhibition "Gentle, Sweet, Kind" timed to Mother's Day (14 October) is organized from October 12 to 30 in the library (2nd floor, exhibition space).

Book exhibitions

Woman and War: Raisa Simakova

18 Sep 2019

Raisa Petrovna Simakova </b><b> is a person with an amazing love of life. Having survived the Siege of Leningrad and suffered many losses, she still inspires with her optimism. This is a person who keeps in mind a plenitude of dates, events, facts and names; a person whose experience is priceless...

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Constellation of Images: Exhibition of the Embroidery

8 Oct 2019

Tender and bright, large and miniature: the exhibition project "Constellation of Images" presents an embroidery works made by talented craftswomen from the club "Sozvezdie" lead by the Belarusian Union of Women. In skillful hands, a needle and hundreds of multi-colored cottons  have created colorful landscapes, skillful portraits and even works based on paintings by famous artists.

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