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Invisible angels …

Invisible angels …
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From 15 December to 4 January, a thematic book exhibition “Invisible angels…” runs in the Fine arts reading room (auditorium 306).

The word “angel” means in Greek “messenger”. These ethereal beings represented with wings serve as envoys of the God and intermediaries between Him and humans. Light-winged messengers of the unearthly worlds, inhabitants of heaven, good keepers flying as a lightning to help people … It is impossible to imagine any religion without believe in angels.

Since ancient times humans have embodied their best dreams of perfection in an image of these winged creations.

The images of sacred heavenly envoys are an integral part of many remarkable works of icon-painting, drawing and sculpture.

Angels are typical characters of the New Year's and Christmas postcards where they are usually represented as children as the purest and innocent beings.

The offered exhibition presents books, albums, illustrations of icons and reproductions of picturesque canvases opening an image of angels in literature and art. I. Benchev’s book The Icons of Angels (2005) devoted to the part of icon-painting – depicting of the seraphic world, the Encyclopedia of Angels by Rosemary Ellen Guiley (2008) and other editions will attract visitors’ interest.

The exposition includes a collection of postcards as well.

More than 50 documents are on display.

Contact telephone: (+375 17) 293 27 53.