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Meeting with Natalia Buchynskaja, Fairy Tale Writer

Meeting with Natalia Buchynskaja, Fairy Tale Writer
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March 13
Book Museum (room 347)
4.50 BYR

A meet the artist event took place with Natalia Buchynskaja, a fairy tale writer, on March 13 in the Book Museum. Museum classes were organized within the framework of "The Book Professors' Club" project.

Ms Natalia Buchynskaja is the author of children's books "The Adventures of Little Car" (2008), "Unforgettable Encounters with Adele the Sheep" (2013), "Amusements for Vadzianik" (2015), "Princess Alvia and "The Frog Eyes" (2019), "Knight Kvykh and "The Frog Eyes"" (2020). Her tales and stories are published in the magazines "Verasen," "Biarozka," "Viasiolka," "Busia," "Kacheli", and are recited on the radio channel "Culture."

The writer talks about her characters as her best friends and treats them with respect. For example, Adele the Sheep helps the fairy tale writer write books and gives important advice. The writer's fantasy allows readers to look into the magical underwater world, where fabulous creatures live and unusual events take place. It was interesting to meet Vadziznik, who created an amusement park in the Dougaje lake, the small beaver family that cherishes the Red Book of Belarus.

In children's books, where bright drawings attract attention of readers, the artists have created memorable images of fairy-tale characters. "Book Professors" were introduced toh book design and became book designers themselves. The creative task was to place text in an unusual corner on the pages of books.

Natalia Buchynskaja visited the exhibition “ILLUSTRATIO. A variety of illustration techniques", which, among other things, exhibits her book "Amusements for Vadzianik".

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