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Watch a New Movie About the Library!

Watch a New Movie About the Library!
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Show business stars Andrei Bond and Olga Nikiforova visited the National Library of Belarus and were amazed at the available opportunities.
What the celebrities managed to find out – watch in the new video.

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The exhibition "Suguchcha"

22 Oct 2020

The exhibition "Suguchcha" opened on the 3rd floor of the circular corridor on October 22. The exhibition is organized by the National Library of Belarus in cooperation with the "Zvyazda" publishing house.

Book exhibitions

Skaryna Studies in France

21 Oct 2020

A virtual scientific round table dedicated to bibliological research in France will take place on October 23. The leading expert of the event will be Olga Shutova, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Fracysk Skaryna Studies and Valorization of Research on the History of Culture of Belarus (Paris, France).

National Library of Belarus News

First Conference "The Poet and the World"

16 Oct 2020

A significant event took place at the Piatrus Browka Literary Museum on October 15: the first scientific and practical conference "The Poet and the World". The event was dedicated to the 115th anniversary of Piatrus Browka and the 40th anniversary of the Piatrus Browka Literary Museum.

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