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The National Library on the Day of Belarusian Writеn Language

The National Library on the Day of Belarusian Writеn Language
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In short, it was busy and eventful. The staff of the country’s main library began work on August 31, the day before the official start of the 26th Day of Belarusian Written Language in the city of Slonim.

During two days, the exhibition Slonim and its Surroundings (Belarusian Слонім і наваколлі), dedicated to the Year of the Native Land in Belarus, ran in Slonim. The guests and residents of the city were especially interested in rare books associated with the famous people of Slonim region, as well as the facsimile edition of the Brest Bible.

The exhibition was visited by students who came in whole classes from local schools. The head of the book exhibition organization sector, Irina Vasilkovich, and the head of the museum activity sector, Tatyana Zakharova, acquainted the schoolchildren with the exposition and answered questions.

The book Everlasting Lamp (Russian Неугасаемая лампада) about the Zhirovichi Monastery with an autograph and signature, donated by the author, Vasily Afanasik, was a pleasant surprise for the library.

The local historian, Sergey Chigrin, also left a message to users of the “diamond of knowledge” in his book Slonim and its Surroundings (Belarusian Слонім і ваколіца).

The honored guests of the event were the granddaughters of Yakub Kolas, Vera and Maria Mitskevich, the daughter of the writer Ales Adamovich, Natalya Adamovich, and the literary critic and writer Alexander Belsky.

The presentation of the electronic publication Slonim and its Surroundings through the Prism of Ancient Documents, Traditions and Studies (Russian Слоним и окрестности через призму старинных документов, преданий, исследовании), prepared by the library staff especially for the holiday, was a success.

Also, the charity campaign Reading as Information and Knowledge Space was warmly welcomed. Secondary school No. 3 in Minsk, the Slonim State Medical College and the Slonim District Library received as a gift non-fiction, fiction, encyclopedias and other publications.

As part of the event, an award ceremony was held. Winners of the 27th Republican contest The Library as a Core of National Culture (Belarusian Бібліятэка-асяродак нацыянальнай культуры) received awards. Guests of the Day of Belarusian Written Language could familiarize themselves with the competition works at a special exhibition.

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