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The National Library of Belarus Contributed to Collecting the Funds of the County’s Libraries during the Year of its One Hundred Anniversary

The National Library of Belarus Contributed to Collecting the Funds of the County’s Libraries during the Year of its One Hundred Anniversary
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Within the framework of the 100th anniversary of the National library of Belarus, the employees of the institution handed over more than six hundred publications to the Republican Scientific Medical Library (RNMB).

The library’s collection has been added with scientific publications, monographs, abstracts, periodicals and educational publications on medical sciences.

On behalf of the National library Marina Zhukovskaya, a head of document exchange and redistribution of documents sector, has handed over as a gift and on behalf of the Republican Scientific Medical Library, Irina Andreeva, a head of resource generation department, has accepted with appreciation the given gift.

Throughout an entire anniversary year the National library performs such activity free of charge to hand over different publication to public, university, school and other libraries of the country.

It has been handed over more than twenty-five thousand different publications to fifty-five libraries of Belarus since the beginning of the year. Among them are Republican scientific library, library of Minsk spiritual academy, Polessje State-owned university, Belarussian national technical university, Belarusian state-owned technological university, Institute of management and entrepreneurship, Breeding research center of the National academy of sciences of Belarus, Bobruisk general school No 35, Minsk general schools No 244, No 32, No 86, Lyadensky Monastery, the parish of the Princess Olga Holy Equal to the Apostles Church, correction facilities No 17 (the city of Shklov) and No 43 (the city of Mogilev).

Interrepublican documents exchange and distribution is one of the important direction of activity of the National library of Belarus throughout its history. Using its capabilities while collecting the library’s fund allows to renew it regularly and bring down the costs to be spent on literature.

By the Collection department.


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