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Seminar-presentation on resources of THOMSON REUTERS

Seminar-presentation on resources of THOMSON REUTERS
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On 6 June, a seminar-presentation "Information resources of THOMSON REUTERS: possibilities of use in libraries activities" was held in the National Library of Belarus.

The event was organized by the National Library of Belarus and Tregross-info as part of the Belarusian Council of Libraries for Information Interaction.

The event was attended by heads and specialists of Belarusian libraries and other information institutions who are interested in improving the quality of information user’s service, as well as by researchers, academics, young scientists.

The seminar included presentations of database interface “Web of Science”, presented service capabilities of Researcher ID and EndNote Online, and also features of the use of tools for the analysis of Thomson Reuters research in Belarus.


Dante's Immortal Poem

24 Nov 2021

"La commedia" (1307–1321), now known as The Divine Comedy, is a monumental epic work, a poetic encyclopaedia of the Early Renaissance. This is one of the most interesting pieces by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri and is featured in the exhibition “Dante's Divine Comedy.”

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