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Scientific and practical conference "Library as a cultural and historical aspect of the country's development"

Scientific and practical conference "Library as a cultural and historical aspect of the country's development"
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September 17, 2013, Grodno hosted a scientific-practical conference "Library as a cultural and historical aspect of the country's development", dedicated to the 190th anniversary of the founding of the Grodno Regional Scientific Library named after E.F. Karsky. Mr Roman MotulskyDirector General of the National Library of Belarus, took part in the solemn event and made a welcoming speech to the participants.

Roman Motulsky noted the importance of the Grodno Regional Library as leading information, educational and socio-cultural centre, the leader of the library sphere in Grodno region.

Characterizing the activities of the Grodno Regional Scientific Library named after E.F. Karsky, you can rightfully use the word "first". It ranks among the first public libraries in the modern territory of Belarus. One of the first in the republic was fully computerized and automated. She is one of the first to respond to all innovations, is open to experiments and progressive changes. This is confirmed by the successful organization of the first interactive science and technology centre in the republic, the Sovushka multicenter, created within the framework of the cross-border cooperation program.

The library occupies an honourable place among the cultural and educational institutions of the region, is an innovative centre for the implementation of advanced information and communication library experience. She is a member of many outstanding projects and programs aimed at preserving national heritage, expanding access to information, modernizing library activities and providing users with new services.

The Grodno Readings and other international scientific and practical conferences, the book festival “Book Treasures of Belarus”, events within the framework of creative projects, programs and actions are held annually in the library at a high professional level. Thanks to the efforts of the library staff, the traditions of E. Ozheshko are preserved: there is a literary salon "At Mrs. Eliza's", theatrical performances "Eliza Ozheshko invites", summer concerts-balls, charity events for orphans are held.

Thanks to the tireless work of a team of competent employees, distinguished by high professionalism, who are able to combine a fundamental approach and relevance in creating the richest information potential, directing their skills and creativity to enlighten society, its spiritual development and raising the cultural level of the Grodno Regional Library named after E.F. Karsky is an irreplaceable link in the library community, always open to interaction.

As a token of gratitude for his contribution to the development of the country's librarianship and long-term fruitful cooperation, Roman Motulsky presented the Certificate of Honor of the National Library of Belarus to Lidia Maltseva, Director of the Grodno Regional Scientific Library, as well as gratitude to the software engineer Pavel Iodel and the librarian Anna Sapotko.

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October 30 – 115 years since the birth of Andrey Bembel (1905-1986), the People's Artist of Belarus and the outstanding sculptor

30 Oct 2020

The artist's name is well known not only to connoisseurs of Belarusian art of the 20th century, but also to numerous guests of our country. Indeed, among the most famous tourist sites are the memorial complex “Brest Hero Fortress, Mound of Glory, Victory Monument in Minsk and much more, and Andrey Bembel is the author and co-author of the monuments.

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Preservation of documents as a guarantee of high-quality satisfaction of readers' requests

29 Oct 2020

In the context of a lack of funding, a lack of space for the placement of funds, a decrease in the copy number of purchased documents, a deterioration in the quality of paper and consumer characteristics of publishing products, the threat of a decrease in the quantitative and qualitative composition of library funds increases. A significant part of the documents can be lost without active work to ensure the safety of library collections.

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