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"Yesterday’s Students, Graduates Today": a Ceremonial Presentation of Diplomas to Teachers-to-be

"Yesterday’s Students,  Graduates Today": a Ceremonial Presentation of Diplomas to Teachers-to-be
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On June 29, the National Library of Belarus hosted a ceremonial presentation of diplomas to graduates of Minsk City Pedagogical College.

The presentation of diplomas is the most exciting moment in every student’s life, a bright and thrilling chord, for which many are waiting with impatience.

As a rule, the ceremony takes place within the walls of the institution, but for Minsk City Teachers College, today's celebration has a special significance as this is the first graduating class of the pedagogical college, which was revived in 2016. It is symbolic that this significant event was held in the temple of science and knowledge, the National Library of Belarus.

A precious document – the diploma – was given to forty one teachers-to-be. On the threshold of a responsible life stage, the young people heard many congratulations and parting words. During the celebration, the audience enjoyed performances of graduates and young talented artists.

Now the holiday is over! Students, saying goodbye to teachers and classmates, have passed on the baton of good traditions to the following courses and graduating classes.


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