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Presentation of the album "Napoleon Orda": the corners of Belarus in the artist's engravings (+video)

Presentation of the album "Napoleon Orda": the corners of Belarus in the artist's engravings (+video)
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On April 20, the library will host the presentation of the album "Napoleon Orda" (2020).

Napoleon Orda (1807-1883), famous artist, composer, pianist, teacher and public figure. One of the most famous masters of architectural landscape: among his watercolors and graphic works, more than 200 reflect the corners of Belarus. The largest domestic collection of lithographs, kept in the National Library of Belarus, has become the basis for a number of popular publications dedicated to the artist's personality.

The album "Napoleon Orda" is the result of cooperation between the National Library of Belarus and the publishing house "Belarus". In the 2020 edition, 190 engravings with images of Belarusian architectural monuments, palaces and small towns of the 19th century are collected and presented. from the library collection. Many of them are published in the album for the first time.

The program of the event:

  • meeting with the participants of the publishing project and experts;

  • presentation by the author of the introductory article and compiler of the publication - Deputy Director General of the National Library of Belarus Alexander Susha;

  • exhibition-viewing of publications dedicated to Napoleon Orda as a master of architectural landscape. The exhibition is complemented by the artist's original linocuts from the collection of the National Library of Belarus;

  • acquaintance with the unique album (the publishing novelty was awarded with the winner's diploma and the sign-symbol "Small golden tome" in the nomination "For the contribution to the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage" of the LX National Competition "Art of the Book").

The presentation will begin at 4 pm in the Labyrinth gallery (3rd floor).

Admission to the event is free.

For more info: (+375 17) 293 28 81.

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