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New Edition of "Zdabytki"

New Edition of "Zdabytki"
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The 24th issue of the scientific articles collection "Zdabytki (Achievements): Documentary Monuments of Belarus" has been published. The collection is the leading scientific publication in the field of bibliology and is recommended to everyone interested in Belarusian and world book heritage.

"Zdabytki" was created by the National Library of Belarus in 1995 and for 26 years research on the history of Belarusian book culture has been published on its pages.

The 24th edition contains publications that introduce new materials into the scientific world related to the history of the book culture of Belarus. The publication of studies devoted to the Belarusian first printer Francysk Skaryna continues: the collection includes an analytical review of Polish scientific works on the life and work of Skaryna, a description of his printed heritage, which is now kept in Polish book collections (Zoja Jaroszewicz-Pieresławcew), exploring the philosophical ideas and worldview of the Belarusian first printer (M.B. Pazharycki). The authors also focus on other publications from the early typographic period – the paleotype “Opera nova Battistae Mantuani Carmelitae” from the collections of the National Library of Belarus (N.V. Muzhyla) and the book of the first Brest printing house of Bernat Vajavodka (Ju.N. Lauryk). The publication of the astrological piece "Planetnik", contained in the Codex Suprasliensis ""Aristotle's Gates or Secret of Secrets", is accompanied by a scientific analysis of the text (N.V. Slizh).

On the occasion of the 235th anniversary of the birth of Joachim Lelewel, the publication of his bibliological work “A note to my bibliographic books. What is a bibliography” (Przemową do moich ksiąg bibliograficznych) translated into Belarusian by researcher L.I. Dounar. Articles devoted to the handwritten and printed heritage of prominent figures of Belarusian culture –Jakub Kolas (M.M. Mitskievich), Jakau Narkievich-Iodka (N.Ju.Biarozkina), Viachaslau Adamovich (T.A. Lauryk). The books of famous Belarusian travelers of the 16th – 19th centuries are being researched –representatives of Radziwills, Sapehas, Jielskis, scientists Iosif Hashkievich, Benedykt Dybouski (M.M. Shapina). The issue of the Belarusian illegal literature during the manifestation period of 1861–1862 is being reviewed. (D.V. Lishaj), the collection of leaflets from different historical periods from the collections of the National Library of Belarus (N.E. Veras) is being analyzed.

In "Zdabytki" the fate of Belarusian historical book collections is covered: the monastic libraries of the Piarists (T.M. Zablockaja), the library of the Niasvizh district school (O.N. Palunchanka), the private book collection of the Catholic priest Vincent Supinski from Liakhavichy (P.Ju. Bulaty). A number of articles discuss owner's marks and autographs as valuable components of the history of books: the fate of rare French old printed editions with stamped super-exlibris of Abbé Richelieu (A.N. Sceburaka) and Marquis d’Hautefort (S.G. Pakhomienkava) as well as books with dedicatory inscriptions of Belarusian national writers from the personal library of photographer A.S. Dzitlau (L.D. Silnova) is studied. Authors explore the use and multidimensional connections with the culture of the time of satirical epigram collection "Zverinets" by Mikalaj Rej (L.S. Ivanova), allegorical poem "Labyrinth" by Fama Ijaulievich (O.V. Maksimchuk) and collection of stories and travelogues "Images of Household Life in Lithuania" by Jeustafij Tyshkievich (A.D. Kryvalap). The distinctive features of artistic design of the collection of sermons "Postilla" by Jakub Vujk (N.Y. Trifanau) are analysed. An article dedicated to the study of the development of the Belarusian national bibliography in the 1960s – 1980s has also been published. (T.V. Kuzminich).

The articles reveal the book collections of the National Library of Belarus and other Belarusian and foreign libraries and museums.

The collection is recommended for book scholars, historians, philologists, culture experts, specialists in libraries, museums and archives, as well as bibliophiles and all those interested in Belarusian and world book heritage.

The 24th and previous editions of the collection "Zdabytki: Documentary Monuments of Belarus" can be purchased at the kiosk on the first floor of the National Library of Belarus.

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