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Literary readings “Winter poetry”

Museum educational programme “Jakub Kolas for science!”

Museum educational programme “Jakub Kolas for science!”
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The Book Museum offers an educational programme for primary pupils timed to the 135th anniversary of Jakub Kolas and the Year of Science 2017 in Belarus.

The classic of Belarusian literature Jakub Kolas made a significant contribution as a children’s writer as well. His first book for children Другое чытанне для дзяцей беларусаў (The Second Reading for Belarusian Children) appeared in 1909. Since then, he had worked successfully in the field of children’s literature for nearly 50 years.

The programme “Jakub Kolas for science!” is based on two books of the classic: Другое чытанне для дзяцей беларусаў (The Second Reading for Belarusian Children) (1909) and За навуку! (For Science!) (1976). The classes provide for four meetings – the four days of science (“a day of science” is from the author’s story School). Each “day of science” is a fascinating interactive lesson which introduces children to new verses and stories of Jakub Kolas.

1st meeting: “The First Day of Science”
The lesson will introduce to the life of Jakub Kolas. Schoolchildren will know how he worked as a teacher and wrote books for children. The short story School will let them compare the school life in the past and today.

2nd meeting: “The Second Day of Science”
The story Як выдумляюцца страхі (How the Fears are Invented) reveals the secret of human fears. During a lively discussion schoolchildren will find out what scared the kids in the past and now. Elements of art therapy, which will be used in the classroom, will teach them how to get rid of fears.

3rd meeting: “The Third Day of Science”
What can we learn from fairytales? Children will ponder over this after reading the tale Дурань (Noodle). Also they will try to explain what mind is and how to advance it.

4th meeting: “The Fourth Day of Science”
Verses contribute to the development of a beautiful speech and memory. Each child will be able to try their hand at reciting the poem На рэчцы зімой (In Winter on a River).

To join the classes, please, call:
Irina Yudina,
bibliographer of the Book science department,
phones: (+375 17) 293 26 11, (+375 17) 271 07 73,


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