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Lost and displaced cultural values: the Belarusian context

Lost and displaced cultural values: the Belarusian context
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A roundtable on the issues of lost and displaced book collections was held in the library on 6 September, as part of the international science and practical seminar "Lost and displaced cultural values: the Belarusian context".

The roundtable was attended by Patricia Kennedy Grimsted, Doctor of History, Harvard University (USA); Wesley A. Fisher, director of the research department "Claims Conference" (USA), Martin Poulain, Doctor of Sociology, bibliographer (France), Michel Vermot, archivist, historian (Belgium). The moderator of the roundtable was Anatoly Steburako, Ph.D., associate professor, working at the chair of business communication of the BSU Institute of Business and Management of Technology.

At tThe meeting reports and presentations were made by the Deputy Director for Research and publishing activities of the National Library of Belarus, Candidate of Cultural Studies Alexander Susha ( "The fate of the book: Displaced book values in the history of Belarusian culture"), head of the Book science department Galina Kireeva ("Books from Russian Turgenev’s Library in Paris in the collections of the National library of Belarus"), honored worker of culture of Belarus Tatiana Roshchina ("Displaced historical book collections: study of proweniencja"), professor of the Minsk State Linguistic University, Doctor of Philology Vladimir Makarov ("Identifying libraries owners").

Speakers discussed the problem of lost and displaced Belarusian and European literary monuments and collections, as well as the opportunities to explore Belarusian books in libraries, museums and archives of other countries. Throughout its history, Belarus has lost a large part of the documentary heritage. The unique private book collections, as well as collections of monasteries and public libraries died or were dispersed. Rare book monuments and fragments of former Belarusian libraries are still poorly studied. Actually they are stored in multiple libraries of Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and other European countries. The most realistic way to return the lost books is their identification and sharing.


How Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle-Duck Became the First Book Merch

11 Jun 2021

You often want to boast about your new hobby to the whole world to know. Got hooked on a book? Buy bookmarks with quotes Discovered a new fancy music band? Hurry up, you need a T-shirt with their logo! Impressed by a new film? Well, you get the train of thought. No matter what we admire, there is a suitable merch somewhere in the world – clothes, accessories and other branded items. It is believed that the era of merch began with Disney's Snow White and the release of the main character, gnomes and kind animal friends toys. But few people know that the first real merchandise was... bookish. Just a moment, ladies and gentlemen, today we'll take a look at how Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter became pioneers in this difficult endeavour and what came of it.

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