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On November 12th – 16th in Khimki (Moscow Region) there was held XVI International conference and exhibition “LIBCOM: Information technologies, computer systems and publishing production for libraries”.

Main organizer of the event is the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology.

The conference gathered about 400 participants: representatives of librarianship of Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine; representatives of universities, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, training centers, the Library Association, and also book publishing companies.

The National Library of Belarus was represented at the conference by Head of Corporate interaction division S.A. Kremeznaya with the paper “Corporate resources and services of the National Library of Belarus: technological aspects of formation and use”.

Participants of the conference considered the current state and prospects of information, computer and Internet technologies in library practice, system and network integration of information and library resources, innovations in modern educational technologies, legal aspects of activity of libraries and information producers, electronic libraries and electronic information resources.

As part of the conference a specialized exhibition was open. It covered the themes such as: new computer and Internet technology in information and library business, electronic information and electronic resources, publishing production, library equipment and materials, educational technologies.

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How Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle-Duck Became the First Book Merch

11 Jun 2021

You often want to boast about your new hobby to the whole world to know. Got hooked on a book? Buy bookmarks with quotes Discovered a new fancy music band? Hurry up, you need a T-shirt with their logo! Impressed by a new film? Well, you get the train of thought. No matter what we admire, there is a suitable merch somewhere in the world – clothes, accessories and other branded items. It is believed that the era of merch began with Disney's Snow White and the release of the main character, gnomes and kind animal friends toys. But few people know that the first real merchandise was... bookish. Just a moment, ladies and gentlemen, today we'll take a look at how Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter became pioneers in this difficult endeavour and what came of it.

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