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Treasures of Nieswizh

Treasures of Nieswizh
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On June 3, 2008, in the NLB’s mobile gallery took place the opening of the exhibition of photos by Anatoly Dribas “Treasures of Nieswizh”.

Photos by Anatoly Dribas were published in the series of catalogues dedicated to the cultural heritage of Belarus. There are monographs about Kamenets tower, Zhirovichy monastery, Svyato-Dukhov cathedral in Minsk, Polotsk historical and cultural reserve museum, Gomel palace, Grodno Jesuit church, and other Belarusian architectural monuments.

One of photo chronicles by Anatoly Dribas is dedicated to Nieswizh, the residence of Radziwills, the eminent Belarusian noble family. The artist took photographs of all Nieswizh architectural monuments as well as marvelous interiors. Among them – the Nieswizh Roman-Catholic church built in 1593 by the project by Giovanni Maria Bernardoni, the eminent Italian architect. This is the first baroque monument in the Eastern Europe which wall-paintings were regarded by Radziwills’ contemporaries as a “wonder of the world”. Nieswizh palace, the witness of the might of the ancient noble family, still keeps the touch of its former luxury. The perfection of palace is impressive, although it is being restored now. Recently restored Nieswizh town hall is also the treasure of the town.

The photo chronicles will be interesting for art critics, restorers, an as well everyone who is interested in the history of Belarusian art.

The exhibition is open untill July 10.

  A. Dribas, the photographer On the right:
F. A. Yastreb,
the head of exhibition organizing
and A. Dribas


Lots and Lots to Do

4 Aug 2020

An exhibition "Lots and Lots to Do" dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Anatoly Vorobei, Belarusian critic and literary critic, candidate of philological sciences, teacher, editor, member of the Writers' Union of Belarus, prizewinner of the V. Kolesnik Literary Prize, is taking place in the Belarusian Literature Reading Room (room 205) from August 4 to October 1.

Book exhibitions

100th Anniversary of V.K. Bondarchik, Famous Belarusian Ethnographer

1 Aug 2020

Vasily Bondarchik (1920–2009), Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, made a significant contribution to the development of Belarusian ethnographic science. He studied the issues of the origin and ethnic history of the Belarusian people, the historiography of traditional material, social and spiritual culture.

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