The Golden canvases soul:

the 100th anniversary of the birth of national writer of Belarus

Yanka Bryl


    It’s impossible to imagine the literature of XX century without the works of Belarusian writer Yanka Bryl, an outstanding personality with the pure soul, wise, smiling, curious and affectionate nature. Due to him our literature was enriched by an enormous crowd of human types, by the polyphony of Belarusian history, the colorful world of modern humanity.

    Everything that Yanka Bryl talked about to his readers, impresses by its simple, clear, sunny, festive mood. He saw heaven in earth, infinity in the end, eternity in fleetingness. Hence the unprecedented wealth of his observations, records of what he has seen and heard, drawings, episodes and scenes, dialogues and polylogues, human plurilingualism and vital multicolour.

    Year after year, decade after decade while reading his works we find ourselves in another world of the Belarusian spirit, which helps us to comprehend life and destiny, tragedy and comedy of earthly existence of thousands and thousands of sufferers of all times and peoples who ascended above their physical nature and sought higher truth.

    All the Yanka Bryl’s works are imbued with a deep, pure feeling for his native land. Sincere, honest devotion to the native land and native people was the main purpose and meaning of his life.

Translations of Yanka Bryl in the languages of the world

"I am from the village of flame ..."

In 1975 he published a book, "I am from the village of flame ...", which together with the author Ales Adamovich and Vladimir Kolesnik became Yanka Bryl. The book has been translated into different languages and keep not one reprint.

"On the pages of this book were people who came out of the fire, out of the ground and it is -.. In a very real, not figurative People from fiery villages came here to testify, to ask judge to tell you know what - scary, but remember - it is dangerous ... "(From the preface of the book).

Yanka Bryl literary heritage. Selected publications