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Triumph of Style: Art Nouveau

Triumph of Style: Art Nouveau
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April 19 – May 20
room 306

The book and illustrative thematic exhibition "Triumph of Style: Art Nouveau" takes place from April 19 to May 20 in the Fine Arts reading room (room 306).

By the end of the 19th century, for the first time since the Renaissance, European culture had accumulated the strength for an artistic takeoff. An exquisite episode of European history, dubbed "Belle epoch" – "The Beautiful Epoch", became the peak of the flourishing of arts and crafts. The works of artists, architects, designers, poets and musicians of this period serve as examples of refined artistic taste. In Russia, this time became the Silver Age of Russian culture.

Art Nouveau, Secession – this is what this era is called in different countries. Elegant aesthetics, refined chic, elegant sensuality, ornate smoothness of lines and bizarre ornaments – this is what Art Nouveau style is, which has covered all aspects of human life: from architecture to everyday objects. The masters of the new style turned ordinary interior items into unique works of art, and works of art became an element of everyday life. The artists drew inspiration from wildlife, decorating their works with patterns with stylized images of flowers on climbing stems, vines, butterflies, dragonflies, peacock feathers.

At the exhibition, the Art Nouveau style appears in a wide thematic range and a variety of genres. The exposition allows you to experience the enduring beauty of the "Belle Epoque" and the virtuosity of the masterpieces of that time. Visitors are offered colourful publications in which they can see a panorama of the development of style and admire the works of masters of the highest level.


The album "Art of Modernity" by EKSMO publishing house will be extremely pleased with the exquisite book design: the cover with gilded decor, quotes from artists about a new direction are highlighted on almost every page, and the excellent quality illustrations are selected and placed so artfully and stylishly that you can truly immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Art Nouveau.
The works of artists Alphonse Mucha and Gustav Klimt, whose reproductions occupy a prominent place in the exhibition, became a vivid embodiment of Art Nouveau in painting. To describe the Art Nouveau style, they often just say "Fly style". The elegant poetry of shapes and lines, the floral extravaganza of ornaments, the refined charm of the female images presented at the exhibition are the epitome of all that is most beautiful, mysterious, sensual. Gustav Klimt's female images are no less luxurious. A set with posters from the reputable German publishing house Taschen will allow you to take a closer look and admire Klimt's most famous painting "Kiss" and other works of the master.

Part of the exhibition is devoted to albums and reproductions of representatives of Russian Art Nouveau. Leon Bakst, Mikhail Vrubel, Ivan Bilibin, Konstantin Somov and other artists formed a new style in Russia with its characteristic features, but at the same time the new style itself influenced the work of many masters of that time. Among the books on modernity in Russian architecture, an important place is occupied by the work of the remarkable art critic Maria Nashchokina "Moscow Modern".

The exhibition is complemented by illustrative materials about world Art Nouveau, which is vividly embodied in glass and amazing stained glass windows, elegant interior decoration, small household items and much more. The large-format album by V.G. Lisovsky "Art Nouveau Style in Architecture" demonstrates on its pages the ornate lattice balconies of houses and mansions of the world. The albums of the great Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi are presented nearby. Visitors to the exhibition will undoubtedly be attracted by the luxurious edition of the "History of Fashion" with collections of the Kyoto Costume Institute, where the theme of beauty and femininity is embodied in magnificent outfits of the "Belle Epoque".

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The material was provided by the Service Department of Specialized Funds.


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