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Fire Prevention Unit

General information

Fire Prevention Unit № 37 at the National Library of Belarus (PPC-37 hereinafter) acts in conformity with the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, the laws of the Republic of Belarus, standard acts of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk City Administration at the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus, Pervomaysky District Department for Emergency Situations of Minsk City Administration at the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus.


PPU-37 basic functions:

1. Monitoring of the development of finance and material resource for accident elimination.

2. Planning of fire fighting and accident elimination operations.

3. Guaranteeing operation ability of the Unit in the event of a state of emergency.

4. Guard and Patrol Service.

5. Fire safety planning for:
5.1. fire-hazardous works;
5.2. mass events;
5.3. preventive maintenance and setup labor.

6. Monitoring of:
6.1. observance of fire prevention standards by officials, engineers, laborers, employees and other citizens;
6.2. observance of license agreements by a juridical person in the sphere of fire prevention;
6.3. fire safety adequacy of production;
6.4. operability of fire protection systems (fire-control unit and fire alarm, fire water supply and smoke protection) and primary fire-fighting equipment;
6.5. observance of fire prevention rules at work place;
6.6 observance of fire safety instructions during repair works;
6.7. distribution of emergency instructions among employees of the Library.

7. Cooperation with the Library administration and services and other organizations in the field of accident prevention and elimination.

8. Fire Safety Control.

9. Holding of administrative events for:
9.1. application of modern fire protection systems;
9.2. fire hazard extension;
9.3. application of modern fire-fighting equipment and methods of accident elimination.

10. Development and (or) coordination of fire prevention instructions and other related documents.

11. Testing of fire control systems, holding of fire safety conferences and contests.

12. Practical and methodological aid in the sphere of emergency situation training.

13. Fire safety training for employees of the Library.

14. Investigation of fires, accidents and emergency situations happened at the Library.

15. Informing the Library administration of the state of the building.

16. Analyzing of secure state and working out security measures.

17. Fire extinguishing, accident elimination, emergency works, rescue of people.

Structure and staff

Head of the Unit: Natalia Borkovskaya

Unit Senior Inspector: Tatiana Pavlovets

Теl: (+375 17) 368 97 73;(internal number: 75 10), (+375 17) 293 29 89 (fax)

The Unit Site: internal number 75 10
Ground floor (next to transformer substation № 3)