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Belarusian Cultural Foundation Awards Roman Motulsky

14 Mar 2018

On March 13 Vladimir Gilep, the chairman of the Belarusian Cultural Foundation, handed to Roman Motulsky, director of the National Library of Belarus, the certificate and the badge of honor («Рупліўцу. Стваральніку») for a significant personal contribution to the preservation of historical and cultural heritage.

National Library of Belarus

Excursion to the Day of the Police of Belarus

3 Mar 2018

The Day of the Police is a holiday of brave and courageous, spiritually resistant, honest and self-sacrificing people, who are guarding the tranquility of their country in peacetime. Thanks to them we can feel safe. On the eve of the holiday we are glad to be able to express our gratitude and respect.

National Library of Belarus

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Not a Selfie!

12 Mar 2018

The Photographers of Belarus. 1850–1918, a book by Alexander Velichko, will be presented in the Education technology hall (room 346), at 16.00 on March 14.