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Resources of partner organizations


Belarusian National Technical University

Repository of BNTU

It is an organised network repository of electronic resources for study and research, which contains full texts of study and teaching aids, articles by employees of BNTU, conferences that take place at the university, as well as abstracts of theses defended in BNTU.

Vitebsk Region

Vitebsk Regional Library named after V.I. Lenin

Western Dvina Land: History and Contemporaneity

The database contains factual, bibliographic and full text information on events and persons related to Vitebsk Region. It provides data on the general economic situation, the largest enterprises, health care facilities and educational institutions, cultural facilities.

Moreover, the database comprises information on the most important events in culture and sports life of Vitebsk Region, wild life sanctuaries and parks located in Vitebsk Region.

Gomel Region

Gomel Regional Universal Library named after V.I. Lenin.

Belarusian Writer Virtual Museum

The resource is dedicated to life and work of famous Belarusian writers: А. Маkayonok, I. Shamyakin, I. Меlezh, B. Sachenko, I. Naumenko. In the museum there are materials on life, work and social activities of the writers, as well as memoirs of their contemporaries.

Regional Universal Library in the Press

It is a full text database that contains information on the activities of Gomel Regional Universal Library named after V.I. Lenin from 1944 to present.

Who is who in Gomel Regional Universal Library named after V.I. Lenin

The factual database contains information on the employees of the library that made significant contribution to the development of the regional library and librarianship in Gomel Region.

"Two Talents - Two Fates"

Izyaslav Kotlyarov and Sophia Shah, citizens of Svetlogorsk, modern masters of the artistic word

Mogilev Region

Mogilev Regional Library named after V.I. Lenin

My Native Land is Mogilev Region

The resource contains factual, bibliographic and full text information on the districts of Mogilev Region. There is information on the geographical location, natural resources, history, outstanding people, economics, culture and art of each district.

The database also includes information on the largest enterprises and institutions in the region, on development of agriculture and leading industries, healthcare and education in Mogilev Region.

Talented People of our Native Land

The factual, literary and local lore database contains data on more than 360 people: writers, poets, specialists in study of literature born in Mogilev Region and connected with it by their life and work. It is the generalization of the information on the literary traditions of Mogilev Region. The resource contains bibliographic, factual and bibliographic information and is regularly expanded with new data.

Landmark: Library Space for the Younger Generation

The information resource on promotion of healthy lifestyle, prevention of torts and crimes and creation of conditions for adolescents and the young to fulfill their creative potential consists of several sections: “Events”, “Your territory”, “Voluntary Movement”, “Social Service”, “Space for Creativity”, which are updated regularly. It reflects the activity of Youth Department and specialists of socially important institutions of the city within the framework of lecture course “Landmark”.

Centralized System of Mogilev State Public Libraries

Mogilev: Streets

The factual database contains data on the streets of the city, which are named in honour of outstanding people from Belarus, near and far abroad countries.

Mogilev: well-known and unknown

It is a local lore database on Mogilev city. It contains history of geographic sites, completed with photographic material, handbook of interesting and useful places of the city as well as a bibliographic list of books on Mogilev.

“Through your own heart”

The information resource was created in honour of 100 years from the birthday of A.A. Kuleshov, the national poet of Belarus and consists of several sections: biography, life, love, on the pages of “Khamutius”, history of creation of the poem “Farewell…”.

Mogilev in Press

It is a daily updated full text database of articles from local periodicals in Mogilev Region, completed with chronological and thematic rubricators.

Centralized Library Network of Shklov District

Petr Aleynikov: Years of Big Life

The electronic resource contains biographic data, the actor’s filmography, bibliographic description of documents on the life and activity of Petr Aleynikov in Russian and Belarusian. The bibliographic descriptions are grouped according to the topics: “Life and Work of Petr Aleynikov”, “House-Museum”, “Monuments to the famous compatriot”.

Legends of our Native Land

The information resource introduces legends about the origin of the names of places and settlements in Shklov District, Mogilev Region.

Distinguished Scientists – Our Compatriots

The database presents data on life and professional activity of talented people from Shklov District, Mogilev Region.

Library Network of Khotimsk District

Memory of War (Память о войне)

The database consists of several sections: “Letters That Came from War” – letters from the front obtained from the family archives of Hkotimsk dwellers, “Read a Book about War – Feel the Act of Bravery with your Heart” – a virtual book fare, “You Live in the Street named after a Hero. What do you know about his fate?” – a photo report about a patriotic campaign, “Faces of the Victory: Akeksandra Raydunina” – materials about the fate of a librarian and a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, as well as audio materials in the section “Series of radio programmes on the Great Patriotic War”.

Centralized Network of Public Libraries in Slavgorod District

Please meet the subsidiary of our library in Rzhavka

The electronic database contains information on the only library in Mogilev Region built on the initiative of majour-general of aviation Jakov Draychuk, the native of the village Rzhavka, and his wife Zinaida, with the contribution of their personal savings to the construction and purchase of the book stock.

Purpose of creation: to preserve the memory about people that made a good contribution to the history of the library, to introduce the younger generation to the life and work of famous people.

Centralized Library Network of Osipovichi District

Investigation and Research Local History Centre “War. Memory. Search.”

It is a project that unites eight local lore databases, connected to each other by their purposes and tasks, among which is the one to open new pages in the history of war and discovery of new facts via publication of essays, and to form an information and methodical complex to provide functioning of the system for patriotic education of the youth.

Databases: “let’s continue the book “Memory”, “You survived anyway, soldier”, “Not everything has been written about the war”, Family chronicle of war”, “ Letters from the front – preyer for Victory”, I remember my childhood: the war was going on”, “ They came back victorious”, “Crowned with fame”.

Krugloe Centralized Library System

Scientists of Krugloe Land

It is a bibliographic information resource containing data on the natives of Krugloe District, Mogilev Region that made a significant contribution into the development of scientific and technical thought since the beginning of the XX century to present. The database incorporates short bibliographic data on the scientists as well as information on discoveries and achievements, researches, fields of activity for each person.

Library network of Krichev District

History of Villages in Krichev District (Гісторыя вёсак Крычаўскага раёна)

The bibliographic resource introduces 113 villages located in Krichev District, Mogilev Region. There is a historical note, short description and references. There is a reference tool to the bibliographic index: indexes of persons and archeological sites as well as a geographical index.

Klimovichy Library Network

Literary Talents of Klimovichy Land

The database comprises bibliographical materials on writers and poets from Klimovichy District, Mogilev Region.

Feel the Act of Bravery with your Heart

The historical and local lore database incorporates memories, photos, letters from front, works of local lore specialists, archival documents on Klimovichy dwellers’s act of bravery during the Great Patriotic War.

Gorky District Library Network

Life and Career of Maksim Goretsky

The database contains biographic data, digitized photographs, books from the collection of the library with M Goretsky’s works, bibliography, full texts of articles on M. Goretsky from periodicals, memoirs and poems dedicated to the writer.

Our Gorky Land

The database contains factual records of events that took place in the territory of Gorky city and Gorky District from 1933 to present and depicts events in the social life of the region.

Heroes of Rekta Land

The resource is based on the materials on the history of villages in Rekta Rural Council and the list of compatriots who died during the Great Patriotic War, which were complied by the librarian of Rekta Rural Library.

Centralized Library Network of Bykhov District

Bykhov is an Ancient Land on the shore of the Dnieper

The database comprises records and bibliographical data, photo and video materials on Bykhov city.

Heroes’Square is the Symbol of Courage and Honour

Heroes' Square is situated in Bykhov-1 Micro-District. There are busts of 30 warriors and aviators that were honoured with the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Further information on the history of the square and the heroes is available in this electronic resource.

Biography of the Monument. Ludchitsy Height

Ludchitsy Height is a sacred place for the warriors of the 169th Rogachev Infantry Division who participated in and witnessed the large-scale heroism displayed here in the summer of 1944 during the liberation of Belarus.

The database includes three sections: “Here Roared A Red Battle”, “Their Names Are On The Obelisk”, “The Symbol Of Courage And Heroism”. They bring to light the history of the memorial burial mound.

Their Courage And Act Of Bravery Is An Example For Us

Partisan regiment “Thirteen” is the largest partisan formation. It was active during The Great Patriotic War in the territory of Bykhov District.

You can find the history of the formation, data on S. Grishin, its commander, the best-known military operations of the regiment in the resource “Their Courage And Act of Bravery Is An Example For Us”.

Belynichy Centralized Library Network

Tourist Belynichy Land

The local lore database contains data on 32 sites that constitute the four touristic routs of Belynichy District.

The resource is based on materials published on the pages of local newspapers “Dawn over The Drut”, book “Memory. Belynichy Distict” and other sources.

Native Drut Land, part of our beloved Belarus

The database preserves data from the history of villages located in Belynichy District, Mogilev Region, interesting facts on famous dwellers of the land, poems and legends.

Seven Wonders of Belynichi Land

The information resource introduces to the natural, historical and cultural sites of Belynichy District, Mogilev Region. In order to make it user-friendly the database was completed with geographical, subject and indexes.

Streets in Belynichy are named in honour of them

Biography and photographic materials on six heroes of the Soviet Union: Osman Kasaev, Nikolay Kitaev, Leonid Lorchenko, Iosiph Svidinsky, Sergey Tereshkevich, Boris Khigrin, whose fate is connected with Belynichy land

Eternal Imprint of War Remained in the Heart

In the database created by the library of an agrocultural town Tekhtin there are short data on the undergrounders and veterans of the Great Patriotic War, compatriots of Tekhtin Rural Council, and their recollections.

Short Local Lore Encyclopedia of Golovchin Land

The full text database is an electronic version of the printed encyclopedia with the same name. It consists of four independent parts:

- historical and local lore reference book “Golovchin: from Far back in Past to Present”. It comprises the most important dates from the history of Golovchin Land placed in chronological order;

- historic journey “Golovchin Rural Counsel: History, Events, People” in the reach history of Golovchin Rural Counsel;

- “History of collective farm “Our Victory”, a history reference book that brings to light century-old history of Golovchin agricultural production cooperative,

- historical journey “The Light of Wisdom” contains material on public education in Golovchin Land.

Literary Map of Belynichi District

The database “Literary Map of Belynichy District” features biographies and works of writers from Belynichy District.

The database comprises biographical facts: dates and places of births for writers and poets, their education, courses of their lives, their academic ranks and honorary degrees, national, all-union and foreign awards.

Svetlogorsk Regional Library Network

Two Gifts, Two Fates

It is an electronic version of the literary museum dedicated to life and work of Svetlogorsk poets Sofia Shakh and Izyaslav Kotlyarov.

Grodno Region

Grodno Centralized Library System

Grodno – Information for All

It is a full text information resource created to promote historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of Belarus, advertise tourist potential of Grodno.

Honorary citizens of Grodno

It is an electronic information resource that contains materials on the honorary citizens of Grodno that were honored with the title in 1964 – 2016. On the web-site there are photo and video materials, biographies of the people on whom the honour has been bestowed, copies of official documents, etc.

Fame Book of Grodno

It is an information resource which contains biographic materials about people who were honoured by registration in the Fame book of Grodno from 1968 to present, list of resources with the information about them, photo and video materials, copies of official documents.

Vladimir Terebun Virtual Museum

It is an electronic resource dedicated to life and work of Vladimir Terebun, the Honoured Artist, a member of Belarusian Commonwealth of Artists, a sculptor. The resource contains his biography, which is illustrated with photo materials, reproductions of Vladimir Terebun’s canvases, and a bibliographical list of articles on the artist.

Larisa Lyashenko Virtual Museum

It is a web-site dedicated to Larisa Lyashenko, the Honoured Amateur Artist of BSSR, a ballet-mistress, a teacher, the Honoured Figure of Culture of Belarus.

The resource contains biographic details completed with illustrations, memoirs of contemporaries, list of awards and list of articles and materials.

Evgeny Petrashevich Virtual Museum

It is an electronic resource dedicated to Evgeny Petrashevich, an amateur artist, teacher, expert on education. The web-site contains biographic data with photo materials, memoirs of contemporaries, video materials, as well as bibliographic details: works of E. Petrashevich in the press, articles on him, electronic resources.