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Lessons in the Museum

"Lessons in the Museum" are lectures, which are held not in the classroom, but in the Book Museum. They are based on the fund of the National Library of Belarus with the help of the museum exposition for a deep study of the subject. Textbooks and exercise books are replaced with real exhibits, interesting drafts and absorbing books. Nevertheless, these are not just excursions, but lessons of the school program, prepared by museum workers. Pupils will acquire knowledge on the school subject along with new impressions, and will be able to show their creative abilities.

We invite kids and their parents and teachers to attend lessons in the Book Museum. We are sure, pupils will enjoy these lessons and the lectures will bring diversity into the school life and will let boys and girls like difficult topics.

The preliminary registration is necessary.

Topics of lessons

The National Library of Belarus is a home where books live
For pupils of 1–5 grades.

Being a librarian and museum worker is not boring at al
For pupils of 1–5 grades.

Book terms: the incomprehensible becoming easy
For pupils of 6–11 grades.

The hand-written book in Belarus
For pupils of 1–5 grades.

Euphrosyne of Polotsk
For pupils of 1–5 grades.

The paper wonders
For pupils of 1–5 grades.

Francysk Skaryna, the Belarusian printing pioneer
For pupils of 4–11 grades.

The castle culture of Belarus
For pupils of 1–5 grades.

Multireligious Belarus
For pupils of 4–11 grades.

Francišak Bahuševič, the defender of peasants and the Belarusian language
For pupils of 1–5 grades.

Contact information:

Tatiana Sapego, coordinator of the programme On a Visit to Books,
tel.: +(375 17) 293 27 82, +(375 25) 994 21 12,