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Exhibitions 2008



December 16 – 31
To the 80th anniversary of Marat Botvinnik (1928 -2008), historian
December 1 – 31
To the 90th anniversary of Konstantin Kireenko (1918 - 1988), writer, honored cultural worker of Belarus
November 17 – December 15

"The bright star on the sky of poetry": to the 60th anniversary of Eugenia Yanishcits (1948-1988), poet, laureate of Lenin Komsomol of Belarus Prize (1978) and Y. Kupala State Prize of Belarus (1986)

December 16 – 31 To the 210th anniversary of Adam Mitskevich (1798 - 1855), poet, journalist, public figure, educator
Second floor, circular passage
December 8 –January 31 To the 90th anniversary of A.I. Solzhenitsyn (1918 - 2008), writer Third floor, circular passage
December 16 – 31 To the 150th anniversary of Giacomo Puccini (1858 - 1924), Italian composer


December 18 –January31
From the past to today: to the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the BSSR
At 17.00, December 18, 2008, takes place an event in cooperation with National Archive of the Republic of Belarus
Third floor, circular passage
November 28 – December 18
Exhibition dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Vetka Museum of Folk Arts
December 23 –January 31
Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Second floor, circular passage
November 17 – December 2
Right to the childhood: to the Universal Children’s Day (November 20) Advanced hall, second floor, room 207
December 3 –January 3
Dignity and equality for all: the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: to the Human Rights Day (December 10)
Advanced hall, second floor, room 207
December 1 –January 4
AIDS: lessons of the past, prospects for the future: to the World AIDS Day (December 1)
November 11 – December 11
Music by modern Belarusian composers: to the 75th anniversary of Belarusian Union of Composers
December 1 –January4
Ethnographic postcard: from the NLB’s collections
November 1 – December 31
Energy saving – sound economy