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The Gate to Book Treasures

The "diamond of knowledge" opens the gates to its treasury, which keeps the secrets of ancient and modern book culture.

Each manuscript of the XV–XIX centuries is a unique pattern of design and writing.

The first printed books of the XV–XVIII centuries, created by famous masters of printing in Europe, will open the door to the treasury of European book culture.

The high level of Belarusian printing of the XVI–XVIII centuries is represented by the masterpieces from the printing-houses of Francysk Skaryna in Prague, the Radziwill Family in Nesvizh and Brest, Piotr Mstislavets and brothers Mamonich in Vilna, Maxim Voshchanka in Mogilev and others.

Visitors to the Book Museum will see framework and possessory bindings of the XV–XX centuries, miniature editions and folios, as well as copies autographed by Belarusian and foreign writers and artists.