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Exhibitions 2020

The Most High-Profile Space Book

The online exhibition presents a complete collection of old-print editions by Kazimierz Siemienowicz's "The Great Art of Artillery," which is kept in the library's collections.

For centuries, the unique monograph has been one of the most important and top requested scientific works in Europe, one of the fundamental sources for those who laid a foundation for modern rocket science and brought humanity into space. No wonder the study was translated into many European languages (French, German, English, Polish, etc.).


From the Books of Uladzimir Karatkievich

Visitors will see the books from the writer's office and library. Manuscripts, old publications and rare editions from his personal collection will be displayed for the first time.

Bookplates of Uladzimir Karatkievich take the main place of the exhibition, as well as the pieces by Joseph Kapelian, Gennadi Grak, Arlen Kashkurevich, Mikola Kupava, Uladzimir Basalyga and Viachka Telesh 

The exhibition presents autographs by Uladzimir Karatkievich's relatives, comrades and teachers of youth, literary prototypes, famous creators, friends and associates

The exhibition was prepared in collaboration with the family of the writer's niece Ms Elena Sinkevich 


Do you remember the old children's game of "secrets"? The players make tiny hiding spaces in the ground, put various small "treasures" under a glass, and then reveal them, but only to their best friends.

Biełaruskaja Łacinka: Exhibition for the International Mother Language Day

The exhibition is dedicated to the Belarusian Latin alphabet (or Łacinka), which is a special element of the Belarusian culture. It presents literary monuments created in Belarusian with the use of the Latin alphabet from the 17th century to the present days.

A separate section of the exhibition shows the history of the development of the Latin alphabet and presents Belarusian language primers, anthologies and grammar books by Karuś Kahaniec, Rudolf Abicht, Janka Stankievič, Vaclau Lastouski, Branislaw Tarashkyevich and others.

 Af-Latstatut.jpg Foretype Of The European Constitution

Foretype of the European Constitution is an exhibition of rarities from Belarus and Latvia, dedicated to Constitution Day. The exhibition starts on March 16 in the Book Museum of the National Library of Belarus.

The Belarusians were the first in the world to gain constitutional legislation. The 1588 Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania had all the features of a true Constitution, it was drawn up in the Belarusian language and enacted in 1588. The Statute appearance put our people on the podium of the founders of constitutional legislation in Europe and the world.

The 135th anniversary of the birth of Yauhen Khlyabtsevich

The exhibition is dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the birth of Yauhen Khlyabtsevich (1884–1953), the Belarusian and Russian library scientist, bibliographer, researcher of literature and member of Belarusian cultural and social movement in the early twentieth century.

Maladnyakoskіmі Krokamі in the Book Museum

Book Museum invites to the opening of the exhibition Maladnyakoskіmі Krokamі in the framework of the republican project On the Waves of Time throughout Life and the Maladnyak Literary Association Day.

Maladnyak is the first professional community of writers of the 1920s, its activities significantly influenced the development of the Belarusian literature. The association was established in 1923 as a group of young poets in the magazine of the same name.

The republican project On the Waves of Time throughout Life (2019–2023) was started on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Maladnyak Literary Association.