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Francysk Skaryna and His Epoch

The international exhibition “Francysk Skaryna and His Epoch”, dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Belarusian book printing, has opened in September 14 in the Library (room 104).

It’s organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus and the National Library of Belarus.

The exhibition can be considered as truly fantastic. Like a time machine, it takes us 500 years back to those distant times, when book printing only appeared – the first printing presses just appeared, and usual feather and inkpot recede into the background. In the sphere of book printing, each country has their own heroes: Ivan Fyodorov – in Russia, Primoz Trubar – in Slovenia, William Caxton – in England ... And in Belarus, of course, Francysk Skaryna.

The central place is given to the original editions of Francysk Skaryna from the collections of the National Library of Belarus, which was published in Prague and Vilno in 1517–1525.

At the exhibition, you can learn everything about the first printer and even more! There are shown films about Skaryna on the Movie platform non-stop, and, of course, there is a lot of books for every age and taste.

You can see the reconstructed printing machine of Francysk Skaryna, comparing it with a modern printing press and a 3D printer.

Come with your children! In the children’s playground, kids will be able to participate in master classes and games, get new information on NOT boring (!) thematic lessons, and use the interactive table to travel around the cities and countries where our famous countryman left his mark. Here the children will find unusual puzzles, coloring books and take part in educational quizzes.

An exposition “The images of the Belarusian print publications of the 19th–21st centuries” runs as part of the international exhibition.

The originals and facsimiles of the first-printed books of the XV–XVII centuries brought from Germany, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Slovenia are returned to theirpermanent storage.

The exhibition is open to visitors from September 15, 2017,  to January 10, 2018. Hurry up, because this does not happen again!
P.S. Unless in 500 years – in 2517)))