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To assist the researcher

We offer a wide range of information, bibliographic, service and other (including virtual) services for writing scientific work - course, diploma, master, candidate, doctoral.

Free practical training is conducted:

Information by phone: (8 017) 293 27 40 (Monday - Friday from 9.00 to 17.00); (8 017) 293 27 38 (Monday to Friday from 5 pm to 9 pm, Saturday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm).

There are several ways to find literature on the topic of research:

  • independently according to catalogs, card files and databases of library, if necessary having asked for the help duty librarians in counseling centers on the 1st and 2nd floors of an atrium and reading rooms;
  • through virtual help services "Ask a Librarian", "KORUNB" (Corporation of universal scientific libraries), VCLI (Virtual Center of Legal Information);
  • having used paid service selection of literature for a subject. For execution of the order address to the reading room of department of reference service (the 2nd floor, room 257). Depending on complexity of a subject, quantity of necessary sources, urgency the service is carried out from 2 to 10 working days. Payment of service is made partially at execution of the order, final settlement – after implementation of the order. The result is provided in the form of the bibliography with codes of library in electronic and/or printed form. Phone: (8 017) 293 27 38.

It is possible to specify existence of the concrete edition in fund of library:

  • in point of informing at the librarian-consultant, phone (8 017) 266 37 37;
  • independently or at the duty bibliographer in the hall of catalogs and card files (the 2nd floor, an atrium), phone (8 017) 293 28 56;
  • by means of the electronic catalog;
  • having asked a question in virtual help service "Ask a Librarian".

If in library there is no necessary book, article or other document, address to Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Department. Phones: (8 017) 293 27 14, 293 29 14; e-mail of

It is possible to use the remote order of electronic copies of articles or separate fragments of documents from our funds through paid virtual service – service of electronic delivery of documents.

In reading rooms on a free basis there is a possibility of loading on the portable device of the user of the full text of English-speaking e-books from the eBook Collection database (EBSCOhost). Phone: (8 017) 293 27 34.

In the Thesis&abstracts reading room and the information service room access to all to categories of users to electronic libraries of theses is provided.

Drawing up the list of the used literature regulates a number of normative documents:

It is possible to specify bibliographic data on editions for the list of references independently via the search office of library or having used paid service in the completion of the bibliography which is carried out by reference and information service department. In the reading room of department (the 2nd floor, room 257) it is necessary to fill out the form of the order and to provide the electronic copy of the list of references (without text of scientific work). Payment is made after performance of work according to the price list. Phone: (8 017) 293 27 38.

The service in assignment of the UDC, BBK indexes and the author's sign to articles, separate editions, abstracts of theses and theses for execution of output data of your printed materials is rendered by document indexing department.

The service in a cover of diplomas and theses is provided by restoration and conservation department.

According to paragraph 43 of the Provision on award of academic degrees and assignment of academic statuses in Republic of Belarus not later than a month before defense of a thesis the abstract of the thesis on paper and electronic carriers is sent to National library of Belarus. The electronic copy of the abstract can be transferred as follows:

According to paragraph 47 of the above-named Provision after acceptance by council WACA of the positive decision the electronic copy of scientific work in 10-day time is sent to National library of Belarus. The copy of the thesis is provided by one file in the PDF format on the optical carrier (the CD-R, RW or DVD-R, RW disks + an envelope for a disk) to the sector of formation and accounting of the local electronic information resources (EIR) of electronic library development department. Passport data of the applicant are necessary for issue of the reference for WACA. Phone: (8 017) 293 25 86.