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Library service for blind and visually impaired users

The library offers special equipment for blind persons and persons with low vision, which allows processing data in different formats.

Special devices transform information into (text) audio files (speech), raised dot signs (Braille) and large print, allowing blind and visually impaired users to operate the flat-printed publications and electronic resources (electronic catalogue, domestic and world databases, Internet information).

The sound systems are designed for listening to audiobooks and music records from the library collections.

The special equipment installed in the reading rooms of the library is provided to blind and visually impaired users for free.

Flat printed texts

VideoLight Electronic Magnifier is a device that combines an automatically focusing color camera, a halogen desk lamp and a movable reading desk.
The magnifier connects to a personal computer and enlarges the text from 3 to 72 times, projecting it onto the screen in real colors or in a combination of 16 selected colors. You can use the foot control to smoothly adjust the magnification (up to 24 times) and to switch the monitor between the camera and the computer.

The electronic magnifiers are available in the scientific reading room, general reading room, reference and information room and periodicals reading room.

Digital data processing

PC equipped with NVDA screen reader with a Braille display is available in the scientific reading room.

With NVDA you can:

  • search and order publications via the e-Catalog;
  • process full-text anf combined databases;
  • process the Internet resources;
  • create and edit MS Word and Excel files;
  • process PDF files цith the text layer.

NVDA translates visual information into tactile and acoustic forms:

  • Russian and English speech synthesizer;
  • raised dots (Braille Translation Software).

The Screen Magnifier software built into Windows 7 allows visually impaired users to process electronic visual information in an enlarged format.

The Braille display SuperVario has a line length of 80 Braille elements, each of which is provided with a cursor routing button. The display also contains 6 keys for commands and navigation around the screen.

Audio files processing

Воспроизведение аудиодокумента с рабочего места библиотекаря

Прослушивание аудиозаписи на рабочем месте пользователя с помощью наушников

Прослушивание аудиозаписи на рабочем месте пользователя с помощью наушников

Special equipment, which allows you to operate audio files, is installed in the music and audiovisual materials reading room. Librarian’s work place is fitted up with an audio reproduction device.

User's work place is equipped with headphones for listening to audio records and a telephone to connect a librarian.

To join the library, please, provide your passport or a substitute document at the User Registration and Informing Department. Also, you need to provide you certificate of disability to get access to the scientific reading room, fitted up with special devices for blind and visually impaired persons.

Chief librarian of the Library service department
Phone: (+375 17) 293 28 55 (internal number 78 55)

Assistant librarian
Phone: (+375 17) 293 27 23 (internal number 77 23)
Assistant librarian
Phone: (+375 17) 293 27 52 (internal number 77 52)