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Document indexing: UDC, BBK, GRNTI, author number

According to modern standards, the printed output of publishing houses and private persons must feature UDC, BBK and author numbers. These are important elements of any publication, allowing you to identify it and use this information in librarianship, bookselling and other activities

The National Library of Belarus provides professional assistance in creating these indexes.

The service “Document Indexing” is rendered to private and juridical persons on a paying basis, according to the Service price list.

How to create UDC, BBK and author number for articles, separate publications, abstracts and theses: a step-by-step guideline:

  1. book a paid service at the NLB Document indexing department;
  2. provide information on authorship, title, contents of a planned publication in printed, electronic or oral form (optionally);
  3.  make a payment on-site.

Head of the Document indexing department
Tel: (+375 17) 293 26 74; e-mail:
Head of section for indexing documents on natural and applied sciences
Tel: (+375 17) 293 26 88
Head of section for indexing  documents on humanities
Tel: (+375 17) 293 26 78