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Contractual information services

The National Library of Belarus renders paid information services to legal entities on the basis of a one-off or long-term contract, according to the Service Price List.

Legal entities are provided with the services as follow:

    Search and selection of bibliographical full-text information (both print and digital) for jubilee editions of an organization / enterprise on various topics, activities, persons, events etc.;
  • Search for factual data (information, statistics, photography etc) about an event, person, locality, organization etc.;
  • Editing a research paper bibliography;
  • Media monitoring;
  • Targeted search of particular books, newspaper / journal articles, theses etc.;
  • Copying / digitizing information;
  • Checking papers for plagiarism with the use of specialized information systems.

A contract for the provision of information services is concluded on the basis of a letter of guarantee provided to the library.

TIP: watch the video tutorial "How to Pay Library Online Services".